Hans Air

Schindler, the marble monument of the noble of Hurnheim in high Fenlands in the Ries is regarded as his masterpiece. His activity in the creation of reliefs show relief three traditional plates and an epitaph. He in Augsburg the relief of allegorical duel of Albrecht Durer with Apelles Solnhofen stone in the mass produced the flagellation of Christ from Augsburg to 1520 in Solnhofen limestone in the Bavarian National Museum in Munich with the inventory number of 23/155 1522 22.8 x 16.8 cm. It is located in the Berlin Bode Museum sculpture collection and carries the inventory number 804. The work was purchased in 1848 from the collection of resins. The Holy Family in the form of the representation of space perspective with tapered pillar series shows his artistry as a Renaissance master. An attribution according to the epitaph for the newborn comes Paul (6 weeks old) and Wolfgang (14 days old) of Freyberg in the years 1516 and 1521 in St.Wolfgang to Mickhausen by Hans Daucher.

It is next to the choir arch in the wall. Air-conditioned represents the two boys and adds an inscription about her short life. Plastic that plastic of the Roman God Neptune the Neptune fountain in Augsburg, the oldest Augsburg fountain statue, probably from Hans Air-conditioned dating back to 1537. Medalist of Hans Dauchers earliest traditional medals represent of a profile portrait bust base of 1523 was a popular template according to Stefan Krause. Hans painter continued this type of 1520 Schwaz in his portrait of Anna Regina. In Italy, this portrait type at works by Pisanello can be found at 1431/41: Sigismund of Luxembourg and Leonello d’Este. The dates after air-conditioned has aligned obviously with painter, and Italian works. Pisanello also worked as medallist. This portrait types of breast portraits have their origin in the Fajun portraits. RMS Scrip torin, alias: pink Marita Schrouff