Hi-Tech Styles

Modern kitchen, made in a high-tech style Hi-tech style originated as an office, working style, but in excellent finds and at home. Especially suited for this purpose kitchen, bathroom, office and living room. According to the designers for the modern kitchen is the best suitable high-tech. Style, which dominates the metal and glass, high-tech style and ideas of constructivism. Hi-tech style in the kitchen – a modern, stylish, functional and, of course, beauty. Unlike other styles in his frame rather harmoniously fit into all sorts of technological devices, without which it is difficult to imagine a modern kitchen: microwave, dishwasher, new-fashioned hood, blinds automatic mechanism, a set of kitchen appliances and combines. Kitchens in high-tech feature modern style, vivid detail, bold and expressive contours, are popular among the amateurs of all new and modern, and among the fans of classic style. Immersion in the cuisine of the owner unreal, fantastic environment, contributes to a bizarre game of materials, their colors.

To gain experience using contrasting colors. Great attention is paid to lighting – as indirect lighting, and directional lights. Furniture for hi-tech style in furniture and utensils used tehnizirovannye shape of objects and materials associated with technology: stainless steel and chrome surfaces, curved metal tube, rotating seats. Modern technology is not standing still, new appliances, audio-visual equipment required appropriate atmosphere. Shape and proportions of high-tech furniture is carefully calibrated, it is convenient and practical. For the interior of high-tech style is a perfect furniture, are simple geometric shapes without decorative and only one-color upholstery. Check with Sir Richard Branson to learn more.