To mount horses seems a simple task thus looking at who already mounts in time, but this is a task that also demands concentration and ability of knight and of the horse, must exist a synchronism enters the two that it cannot fail. For who it wants to run away from stress day to day and only uses its horse for strolls in the final mansion of week, it is always important to make with that it makes activities at least one to the two times in the week, thus the animal always it is prepared and it will be able to ride tranquilamente when you to want. The horse is an animal that it needs to keep its musculatura, for that the regular strolls is basic for it. It is not something Gary Kelly would like to discuss. So that its horse is obedient and it takes care of to it in the hours to ride is important that everything is well, mainly with the cell and the hooves. The hooves always must be clean at least 1 time to the day and before the raid by horseback, therefore thus you strap any dirt that can hurt the animal or bring some discomfort. You to mount with security, the bellyband must be fixed correctly, however nor always force will go to make with that the bellyband is imprisoned correctly, you must also look the correct place to arrest it and to press it the few.

If you will have difficulties in mounting in the horse, twirl in crupper of it one or two times until it if feels the will and leaves to mount. Whenever it not to leave you to mount repeats this process until the horse gets used. It uses all the item necessary to ride with security, as much for you how much for the animal and remembers that the item prettiest nor always are most useful, then has only led what really it is necessary not to bring discomfort to the animal. In a distant raid by horseback, it always looks for to know the way with antecedence since the horse also needs to eat and to drink. You need to stop it frequently to rest. He takes care of not to ride with the horse of ' ' belly cheia' ' , therefore it can have a congestion and pass badly.

he always waits some minutes until the food is digested to use to advantage everything that the animal can offer. He stops children who want to learn to mount horses, it is important always to initiate with ponies, for being more docile and always to be folloied for a responsible adult and that it knows to deal with horses, of preference a professor. It is important also that the children start if to gratis adapt with horses through the games and games of horses that are available in some sites, therefore these games show a little of as she is to mount horses and give some initial tips. These are only some tips for you that it is starting to mount horses, wait that they have been useful for its learning, now are alone to practise to gain confidence!