Humidity Sensors

Humidity is a very important parameter as in life, and in many industries, and its control is necessary in many areas of life and areas of production. When humidity falls to 15%, the person loses performance. For non-compliance humidity required value, perishable products in stores, books in libraries, paintings in museums. Failure to observe temperature and humidity conditions in the workplace, losing in as bread, sausage, pasta, synthetic and cotton fabrics, wood products, etc. There are a large variety of sensors and instruments for measuring and maintaining the required humidity value, but For some reason, when the spacecraft through the Universe ", the humidity in incubators maintained by regularly moistened cloth workers, the amount of moisture in the bakery proofer sets Mature experienced worker opening-closing valve with steam, and the museum the other a woman from time to time opens up, closes the window. That is, there is a market offers advanced precision sensing and large market demand, but they do not intersect.

And the reason is quite simple. Modern sensors of temperature and relative humidity – very expensive devices and can not afford to most consumers. Than that for approximately 90% of all modern industrial temperature sensors and relative humidity are made using absorption and capacitive sensing element (SE). Production technology of se to date fairly well developed, and they offer a dozen major electronics companies. The cost of se ranges from 300 to 1100 rubles. If you are not convinced, visit Tiger Global Management. Naquin another 1000 rubles. for housing and the rest of a complete set, still 1500 rubles.