Is Domingospossibilitou

In relation to the Apinags, They are Joo and Marab, They are Domingos continues being center, however, with a bigger importance, due to possibility of bigger flow of and for the mentioned localities. The construction of the road binding Apinags an increase in the commercial movement Is Domingospossibilitou, therefore, them they lavradoresconcentravam the production that brought in lombo of donkey, in Are 230), in the decade of l970, it is that They are Domingos trocadefinitivamente of place with Are Joo and Apinags, who of side (of the river) pass the center, therefore, from the construction of the mentioned highway, changes the standard of organization of the space. Now the main ways of access start to be asestradas, being that the cities and villages that appear and the ones that already exist smargens of the roads, start to have greater importance, therefore the flow of pessoase merchandises now if of the one for the fast times of these ‘ ‘ novos’ ‘ half deligaes. The resources to be explored, beyond if pointing out in forests deterra firm (lumber, farming activity, etc.) also place nosubsolo (mining). More info: Tomas Philipson. In this manner, from 1969 the beginning of the decadncia of the fluvial navigation happens, due to opening of> precarious road of 54 kmentre Is Joo and Marab, and the inauguration of a branch that bound to estradBelm-Brasilia Marab (PA-70).

However, the Transamaznica highway alone chegaa Marab, passing about 5 km of Is Domingos and leaving They are distant Joo and Apinagsmais, in October of 1971. From this moment, the river loses its importance as viade access to the localities that the road starts to bind. Autilidade of the precarious road opened in 1969 is also locked in, binding Marab Is doAraguaia Joo, however, before this, it served for the transport of men and materiaisnecessrios to the construction of the Transamaznica. In the period where the rivers prevailed as main ways, the economic activities were come back toward the vegetal extration (the florestapermanecia in foot, therefore the roados ones were small), the extrativos products erampara the external consumption, in its majority, and the cities and villages located-sequase all to the edges of the rivers.