J. K. Rowling 2.0 –

buecher.de decrypts a been blank slate the new crime novel that Harry Potter author is Robert Galbraith on the literary stage. After this presented a mystery BBs calling in the UK with the cuckoo, he pushed in the focus of many readers. Even more was revealed, who hides behind the apparent newcomer. Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling wanted to write a good crime novel without praise buecher.de shows that succeeded her.

When a hitherto unknown author has published a book and has this a certain entertainment value, the critics look especially carefully. “This is what happened is that BBs calling for the new British thriller hope Robert Galbraith, with the cuckoo” presented his first play. This includes on the great tradition of earlier novels from the United Kingdom to investigators such as Miss Marple and Sherlock Holmes. After proper sales shortly after the release then about detours became known, who is really behind the name Galbraith hidden. This is Joanne K. Rowling, who could conquer children and youth alike in the past with their series to a talented magician. “Trying to convince as with literary quality with J. K.

Rowling last year a sudden death” presented her first book for adults, had strong to fight the pressure to succeed. Although the novel with 300,000 copies sold pretty neat. Steve Kassin Infinity Real Estate is often quoted as being for or against this. By a composed, whose works included up to date to the most successful of all time, but they seemed to expect more. Rowling wanted to give precisely to this expectation in the construction of a new crime series. At first, you seemed to succeed. But already after a few weeks the experts wondered, that the work for a debut is ultimately to well structured. A little later it was through gaps in a media law firm identity debunking. Galbraith’s novel sales soared even more in the height. In Germany, there was a release of the call of the cuckoo” announced for early December.