Death in the tarot without a doubt, the concept of death is an idea that usually cause terror to human beings. However, we must understand that the symbolism of the Tarot cards does not necessarily refers to the death of one person in particular. All the arcane, whether major or minor, have a highly spiritual interpretation, speak of the soul and feelings rather than facts. With the arcane number XIII, this is done well patent. When this letter appears, the consultant usually makes a grimace of fear.

It is necessary to fully understand the significance of this deck to be able to attribute the sense that it truly deserves. In the case of this mystery, we see a noble, a Knight in armor, a warrior, who moves with his brioso horse. Not going to gallop, but that the animal walks gracefully wielding all its beauty and all its power. There is a new order, no doubt. As the old adage says: dead King, King post. Therefore, the best way to interpret this letter is as the transformation.

In theological terms, death nor It’s the end, but it is the passage from physical life to the spiritual life. Really believers do not die, but that they await the moment of reckoning, when the final resurrection will occur. The only reason why a person can see how tragic transformation, is its attachment exaggerated to the things of the past. The transformation is something positive, because it allows us to evolve from a primitive State to a more advanced state. We must always think that everything happens for a reason. And although transformation when you live with pain or punish, once we have overcome the initial feeling of loss, it will be a great teaching, which is what dedinitiva have to capitalize. Fight against death doesn’t make sense, it only makes things worse. It is necessary to accept the change and let things run their natural course. In the same way that a new conqueror occupies Earth, has no sense to revere the previous King. There is a new sovereign, and is this should be kept to which all the honours. When this letter goes out revealed in the the Tarot spread indicates the consultant who must prepare for a new phase in your life, where few things remain immutable. Know this opportunity of change depends on the wisdom of each one. Source: Press release sent by juancarlosmontillo.