Lourdes Flores Nano

Maybe the defenders of the press Peruvian will say that it is false, the Peruvian press is impartial, objective, but is not true and proved it in unquestionable way, in this article. The press in Peru only seeks to sell newspapers and destroys honors, people with great ease, accused and accused, raise holders of first page for weeks, knowing that what he says is not true, this untested, but it does because that is his style, that is the style of the Peruvian press. Years ago Dr. Alan Garcia completed her first Government in 1990, and he had to Fernando Olivera leader of the macabre moralizing independent front, as his main accuser. This character without title of nothing and maximum leader of the FIM accuse with the support of all the press of Peru to Dr.

Alan Garcia, over alleged illicit enrichment, traveled to United States with Lourdes Flores Nano with a Commission of inquiry on the case of illicit enrichment so that the US Senate will show you information about some alleged bank accounts of the current President of the Republic. Peru, of Radio press, Television, newspapers generally published and engaged their programs and reports in alleged illicit enrichment of Dr. Alan Garcia. We read headlines from first page, for months, to page whole they said: Alan Garcia will be arrested by Interpol, Alan Garcia and their bank accounts in Liechtenstein, Alan Garcia and his luxurious apartment in Paris, etc, etc. All attacked and wrote and presented on political Tv programs, radio and written press, all about the alleged illicit enrichment and the imminent capture of the most notable politician in Peru, the most charismatic, the most voted and who is today President of the Republic for the second time. That were the endless accusations of the FIM, the Peruvian press, radio, television and written? In nothing. Everything was a lie, everything was a stupid legal farce, to have a politician who was feared to be extremely charismatic, leading away number one opinion and much loved in Peru.