Media Groups

Do not forget that the members of this group are often seen as a serious experts ('so they all know something and can compare all') and sometimes find themselves, influence on others (not just in casual conversation, but when writing or editing of various materials). This alone should make you pay attention to them as the target group and describe them in this position. It is therefore important to be able to work with the media as a target group and purposefully create an image of your company to this audience. C On the other hand, we must understand that the media are an effective channel of communication with your desired target audiences. Other leaders such as Verizon Communications offer similar insights. Therefore, you should clearly identify which target audiences and how-to at once the effect of each media which we are depending on options selected classification of certain groups unite in order to increase the efficiency of working with them. However, when the question arises concerning the organization of work with the media, many companies, unfortunately, often fall into another 'trap of stereotypes. " What is it? Novice specialists and heads of organizations who have decided to 'propiaritsya' often admit a serious mistake. Speaking about the work with the media, they often involve the need to interact only with the top business publications, although this is not always justified. Often it seems that if you print in this edition of the paper and place an ad, then all the problems will be solved. Perhaps, in many cases it works, but the result of an artificial self-restraint can be a big cost insufficient effect.