Minas Gerais

The availability of transport, energy, credit and communication had been primordial elements for the urbanization process, industrialization and enrichment of the region. However, some marcantes events in the economy, as the crisis of the coffee, the difficulties of the textile industry and other segments had brought the economic stagnation for the region. Currently, other factors make it difficult the development and integration, as the situation of the road net, that harms the circulation of people and merchandises, and the execution of economic activities (ROCK, 2006). It is not something Southwest Airlines would like to discuss. In the final years of the decade of 1960, the state of Minas Gerais acted with intention to promote the socioeconmico development of the state through industrialization. Thus, Minas Gerais used instruments of incentives is for the implantation of industries with base in the current ICMS (ROCK, 2006).

It also created institutions that had elaborated and implemented improvements in the mining economy, as the Bank of Development of General Mines BDMG. The changes in the formation process and estruturao of the space in the mesorregio of the Zone of Mata had been also folloied by the changes in the demographic scope. The population throughout the decades has presented a concentrative character in the space of the region. The cities of Cataguases, Juiz De Fora, Leopoldina, Manhua, Muria, New Bridge, Santos Dumont, Ub and Viosa concentrated 31.16% of all population of the mesorregio, in 1950, whereas, in accordance with the Census of 2000, the same ones withheld 48.6% of the total population (981,835 inhabitants). In sight of the decreasing taxes of fecundidade in all the country, we can attribute such concentration to strong intra-regional mobility, with the people leaving the small cities in direction to the microregional centers. ' ' The biggest cities of this Mesorregio meets, today, exactly where the agricultural population more is rarefied. Several of them had increased its populations due to the flow of man power of the field.