Mouse Returns To Town For The Winter

House Mouse – the most common type of rodent, which can be found in homes and suburban areas. In the warm part of the year trying to live mice mainly in the natural environment, for example, in fields where there is enough food, eating mostly plants and seeds. Survival of populations of rodents provides them with great fecundity, as the low intellectual abilities greatly increase the risk of death from unnatural reasons: the people traps, hunting predators. So close to the cold weather they are forced to move to warmer areas, including houses and flats, and in warm mice able to reproduce all year round with great intensity. Period bearing offspring is only 21 days, with those young individuals begin to breed as early as age of three months. Initially, the nature of the mouse ate mainly seeds, but the mechanisms to adapt to survive forced them to expand their diets to include everything that can be found in its path.

Therefore, mice in the apartment can chew everything from books, ending with wooden floorboards, and of course, food stocks. If you need to deal with rodents in the home, it certainly would be more sensible to choose control methods that do not pose danger to humans and pets. The most relevant and prevalent today are Scarers rodents, which operate by emitting ultrasonic waves. These sounds are not perceived by the human ear, but there are audible to rodents signaled great danger, which leads them into a panic, after which they promptly forced to leave the premises. Typically, mice do not come back, as published by the range of sounds is always changing, preventing mice were used to and adapt to living in such uncomfortable conditions for them.