Consolidated State Register

Accreditation of representative offices of foreign organizations implies – is the official permission of the relevant public institution (This may be the State Registration Chamber under the Russian Ministry of Justice, Chamber of Commerce and others) and the introduction of the foreign entity to a database of the Consolidated State Register. Accounting rules and particular setting and accreditation of foreign missions on the territory of the Russian Federation are regulated by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. Among the legislative acts should be allocate Federal Law "On State regulation of foreign trade, should also mention the Federal Law" On Foreign Investments in Russia ", some issues continue to be subject to rules prescribed in the Council of Ministers of the ussr, where he approved the main provisions of the rules of the foreign companies, banks and their branches in the Soviet Union. By law, the date of receipt of permit maintenance activities (accreditation) representation is 18 working days. If necessary, this period could be defined as five working days. To be accredited representative must pay State fee (tax). For branches usually charged a fee no more than 120 thousand rubles.

With the representation fee shall be levied according to law. Also, except for state tax, legislation provides for payment of the fee Reg. House of the State. The contribution is to date no less than 500 and not more than $ 2500. Its size depends on the period for which accreditation is produced – from 1 to five years.