Virtues and More

This is for me, one of the pleasures of life that many people need to discover. That love that you can make, that encouragement you can give eternal that company you have to maintain them. Is not that right? With whom else are we over our lives is with ourselves, so it is advisable to get along with yourself, treat and take care of yourself. To make a friendly company, because if your own company is pleasant, when you have more company will be twice as nice. I appreciated all throughout my life that many people do not know how to enjoy themselves. In my opinion is to be carried hither and thither by the wind and imposed with little reason.

That is if the wind takes you is because you're not sure where you are heading. The first step is to know you, know what you want and projecting it to be a piece of this society and what is more important, learn to love. It seems a terrible disregard for oneself not knowing how to be alone with, ie now I have to stay with this person and if it takes me begin to put the nerves. Another example: I have gone through something terrible, I need to call someone to comfort me. Just a sample of inner weakness that we could learn with practice. We agree that the person is by nature sociable, that is, by nature and is something we relate to basic personal level, and even more in these times.