Mr Minister

1,447, received at our headquarters on November 09, and that attached the report technical DGCEO N 257/09. Unfortunately, Mr Minister, technical report does nothing but confirm our complaint; Since the fifth paragraph of the report reads: in the case of the Guarani ne discipline in the secondary education, are planned, in the previous plan, a development of: 2 hours a week in each of the 3 courses. This organization, currently focuses on 4 hours a week in the first course and 2 hours in the second course. The foregoing clearly demonstrates: 1) the Guarani, an official language of the Republic, which in the previous plan, developed in each of the 3 courses; in the process of the Resignification of middle education, today it is no longer present in the third course; will only be given in the first and second courses; (2) On the other hand, the Spanish, also an official language of the Republic, power with four hours a week in the first, second and third courses of the secondary education (i.e. in the Bachelor of Humanities since high school technician has more hours); (3) Specifically, MEC, in his Resignification of Media education excluded the Guarani language in the third year of the secondary education; and therefore reduced the presence of the Guarani at that level; Since everyone’s view, Spanish appears as a subject in 3 courses of middle school education; and Guarani, only appears in the first and second courses; (4) Which for the MEC Spanish is more important and less important Guarani; Therefore, power into Castilian and reduces to the Guarani. The worst is that the MEC proposes a re-signification (with a sense of improvement) and in this desire to degrade to the Guarani. The ATENEO of language and culture GUARANI considers the measure taken unilaterally by the MEC, from every point of view: illegal and unconstitutional therefore violates human and linguistic rights of 87% of the Paraguayan population. .