New Online Clinic

Fast and discreet treatment via the Internet. A new website is online since January 11, 2012, which allows to easily treat from home. HealthExpress offers now also in Germany the possibility to treat medically via remote diagnosis via the Internet. How does an online treatment work? HealthExpress is an online clinic which successfully treats patients in England since 2002. This service also in Germany is now available.

The service includes a basic consultation of the patient, the medical review of medical information, as well as a medical diagnosis. Furthermore, there is the possibility to order a specific treatments, which is then sent by the in-house pharmacy online after this consultation process. What are the advantages of an online clinic? There are the obvious advantages of a comfortable treatment from home is possible, and therefore the wait and the practice fee of a regular doctor visit. On the other hand, there are now even Topics with which not everyone just like to peddle goes below fall such as impotence, premature ejaculation, the morning-after pill, or hair loss. In addition, HealthExpress promises a discreet and fast service. The patient decides to do so after the free consultation process to order a specific drug, so it reaches the patient within 24 to 48 hours. Legal basis this service is legal at all? Yes. EU law allows that patients throughout Europe may choose their doctor.

The doctors HealthExpress cooperates with, are practicing physicians in the United Kingdom. The remote diagnosis is regulated by the UK health authority and the procedure is mandatory. A recommendation or a recipe is created only by doctors. Cost factor the top priority by HealthExpress is the health of patients. Therefore, it belongs also to the principle and philosophy for consultation and diagnosis to charge any fees. Only when the patient to decide to order a drug, Costs incurred in this respect. Then, the cost of a prescription, as well as the express shipping are included in the price of the drug. Remote consultation or personal consultation? Of course, a remote consultation replaces not a personal consultation with the attending physician. You made possible, by the lower threshold of more open and faster help to get… HealthExpress offer includes a wide range of conditions, which are discreetly treated as man diseases, women’s diseases, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, prevention, sexually transmitted diseases and travel medicine and smoking cessation.