New Poetry Book Of Rajymbek

Calvert publishing long wavy published “The Weser Lamb” of Rajymbek Rajymbek, actually Roland Pollnitz, born in 1958 as the first son of a working-class family in Wolmirsleben, a small village of the Magdeburg Borde, is one of the most prolific poets of today. In 2003, he published his first volume of poetry poetry in the morning, in which he summarized his morning quatrains and short poems. This first poems are especially characterized by the desire to integrate moment feelings in verse. In 1999, Rajymbek operates as a writer. Already in his childhood he recorded his observations and feelings in diaries that 1997 and 1998 published by the Cherusci diligently. These diaries, letters and memories reflect not only the experiences, feelings, and thoughts of the author during his childhood and his teenage life mid-seventies in the GDR. These two volumes are a small piece of contemporary history.

His first book”four plus one includes four travel stories and the Processing of family trauma after a serious accident. There was a virtue out of necessity. Dino miraculous journey “is not only a wonderful Christmas tale, but also the only gift that could make the author in times of crisis. 1999 appeared”the Pearl of the Tian Shan. This collection of short stories, fairy tales and poems had brought from his first trip to Kyrgyzstan Rajymbek. It is a sensitive examination of his experiences, full of love for this country, its people and the friends he had won there. These stories show true Kyrgyz life off the beaten track.

In the past ten years about twenty followed poetry and short story collection and a novel, of which”the Pearl of the Tian Shan and the shoe Lake Baikal reached the greatest degree of familiarity. In addition to the daily processing of everyday stories and philosophical considerations Roland Pollnitz alias Rajymbek is currently working on the longest poem in the world, where every day a sechszeiligen verse more seals. In February, the issue of a first volume in the Cheruscan editions is planned. In his early poems, Rajymbek has imaginatively treated the issues of everyday life and the present. Some of his readers now claims he had a manuscript, that makes it recognizable as a car’s own developed. More information is housed here: Learn more. As well as always, Rajymbek cannot be set, only his heart and his soul are the sources from which his poems gushing stream of which some five thousand in small streams to the sea of knowledge. It is rarely longer poems, but often four-stanza way of thinking quickly striving toward a climax. Immediate perceptions of senses out, his poems often companies attempting to look with a blinking eye outside the box. For the reader, this means always: beware. Poetry and truth go hand in hand with a smile. Rajymbek has in his new poetry book the Weser lamb new poems from the United. So bloomed to an Orchid Garden of words, in which the reader on individual flowers over stroll, others remain, to add the brilliant colours and the enchanting fragrances. It’s often the small wonders of his day, sheep on a meadow, a sunset on the river and again love, inspired the Rajymbek far to open the door to soul and heart, so that the muses can expose his words, which promptly in reverse flow, sprout from where colorful flowers. 254 pages published by the Cherusci Softcover ISBN 978-1-4709-1991-7