President Alan Garcia

Another of the goals will be transparency in corporate governance, so that the painful situation in which real values or losses have been hidden will not be repeated, thus generating serious disorder that now live. adds that the final document also put the accent on willingness to fight corruption and international crime networks promoting the integrity of the markets and transparent financial systems. In relation to health decided to work on the reduction of diseases like the flu avian and AIDS, as well as promoting food quality standards. For APEC, the international terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction () are a direct threat, therefore undertook to combat and eradicate these evils. In terms of climate change, APEC believes that this problem should be treated comprehensively through international cooperation and in the framework of the United Nations. President Alan Garcia handed over the chairmanship of APEC to the Lee Hsien-Loong singapures, whose small city-state, which boasts a strong economy, will host the 2009 Summit. Ultimately, leaders pledged to overcome the global financial crisis with measures to strengthen financial institutions. We will avoid the recession that threatens the world encouraging each of us fiscal spending in a countercyclical manner on infrastructure, on social assistance and the support of the population basic services noted Alan Garcia..