That being so, who wants to learn to swim – the water is wet, to give it justice. Yes, this is the situation on the market. But excuse me, but why then seller? Yes, it’s all true and that is what is happening in the market. This is something with which the seller has to work. If all of these problems were not, then why do sellers would be needed? They just order and the need to address these problems or search for a solution, if there are none.

Money in a company only on the decisions and actions, and not from stories about the complexities and the fact that it is impossible. And this understanding is a prerequisite for earning income and paying a decent wage. There is nothing else. It was then, and appears on the scene and, very often in the foreground, is the manager’s role, which is to give sellers of their work and insist that it is their job. Often it is difficult to make total. Some sellers, and not always stupid or bad, they will pick up “on a break, checking, as the leader responds to their offer to accept the fact that” it is not our job – to solve the problems of prices, competitors, and more. This the company’s problems. We are absolutely nothing to do with it.

” They look at the manager and wait, as he responds. And if the leader will falter at this point and will begin “as if reluctantly so” do not agree – “Well of course it is, but still work to do, you really like something, you really anywhere on the sly, someone suddenly so buy. ” Something like that.