Russia Society

Problem of our youth is that it does not want to voluntarily take the dirt of society's greatest injustice of our time is that the samples of morality in our society "work" the most immoral. Once they open mouth – and falsehood in their words they hear almost everything. Those who point to this circumstance, be declared criminals. Those who keep silent, may themselves become victims of crime on the part of liars. Capitalism – owner hearts, not in the sense that it dwells in them, but the fact that they live in it. Dagestan – the land is almost incredible, cutting her eyes contrasts. Edge of Olympic champions and hundreds of thousands of people with disabilities; edge of poverty and universal calling of wealth; strict religious morality and the most powerful in Russia, producing wines and brandies.

Perhaps only in Dagestan in droves sexual abuse is not secret, but – take off your phone and send it to walk in the light. A young girls for a long time to "clean" and "sewed" the dirty basement at the apparent lack of professionalism "doctors." Change is not for the better Compared to other Russian regions of Dagestan is still characterized by strong family, and is therefore one of the regions of the country where preserved natural population growth. But the traditional society is experiencing increasing pressure of capitalist relations. The family, like all other social institutions, is rapidly degraded and degraded. If the government's plans to build the entertainment industry will be implemented, it will cause her the final blow.