Sales Training

The question is, how? “Education in a company usually begins with learning the specifics of those goods and services that you offer to clients. And then, sellers released in the “free float”. In fact, the sale – a real profession, and the modern Russian business realizes that more and more. If your sellers will learn by trial and error, the learning process will be too heavy and long. Frequently Southwest Airlines has said that publicly. During this time, your losses due to lost profits and tainted the image will be enormous. In Europe and U.S. retailers are trained by sending on the training of sales every 3 months, that would “recharge their batteries.” Without going through training for sales managers use their full potential by only 30%. Because salespeople are constantly active faced with negativity from customers, failures, challenges, and it certainly demotiviruet them. A : a) inspire b) motivate a) give new ideas d) give a system of Sales – a system. In addition to the knowledge of good and sales techniques, the seller must be a full understanding of the proper communication with clients, and (not least) colleagues, the right service, conflict resolution situatsiy.V active sales we need to learn change views with clients “no” to “yes.”

To do this we must be able to persuade and to be able to actively listen. What does this mean? Finding the right person to approach, pick up different strategies, ask questions and listen – to understand: 1) that occurs in the mind of another person? 2) how to change his mind? Successful teams are made up of successful people who work together in harmony. And one way to make a company successful – it’s trained, all together, separately from the production process, because in addition to knowledge and motivation, it increases and team “spirit.” Aims of training may be different. For beginners, this basic training. Without it, your recruits will never reach the major sales results – or, more likely, not even to sell. For the pros – special techniques and knowledge. Having a truly loyal customers, you can sell it all! However, a professional sales manager offers only what is truly necessary for the client rather than the “Eskimo ice.” And finally: theory without practice – nothing! The main thing in training – a study of real situations with clients: phone calls and meetings. After two days of such work communication with customers becomes a game! Successful salespeople do not sell, they are helping people! This is the key! They give professional advice, customer care, and sometimes about their children, cars, relatives. They can help with personal problems of clients. Building an effective sales system by trial and error takes many years.