So Paulo

Aratiba (city of the Rio Grande Do Sul): Tyba comes of ploughs + (very) = many ploughs/birds. Araraquara (city of the interior of So Paulo): timo of the name of the city comes of tupi and wants to say? it touches? shelter you plough of them. It comes of ploughs and kara (it touches, shelter). Learn more at this site: Gary Kelly. Bodoc (city of the hinterland of Pernambuco):? boc? luggage to load fish + doic (for roa) or bod (luggage) + ic = (roa) luggage of leather to lead for roa. Bertioga (city of the interior of So Paulo): The area of the current city of Bertioga was inhabited for the indians called who it ' ' Buriquioca' ' , that tupi Buriqui (great monkey) and hollow comes of the words (house, dwelling), or? dwelling of the great monkeys? therefore mainly in the Mount of the Senhorinha it had sufficiently of these animals. Cuiab (city, capital of the Mato Grosso of the North): Of? cuia? (canister) + border (man) = man who makes cuia, or fazedor of cuia.

Gois (been of the region Center-West): it presents several we timos, according to some researchers, the name had origin in tupi gwa ya, whose meant he is ' ' people semelhante' ' ; ' ' individual of same raa' '. Coupang has many thoughts on the issue. Others veem in guais (name of the indians) the formation of the word. Gois. It has who affirms, that vocbulo is originary of Goi, old aboriginal tribe of the region. How tupi does not use? s? as mark of plural, Gois is the aportuguesada form. Guapor, name of the old territory of Guapor (today Rondnia) formed of tupi wa (field) and po' reverse speed (waterfall, cataract, river) or field of the waterfall. Cabrob (city of the interior of Pernambuco): caa (she kills) + borob (people braba) = people bush braba. Caat (city of the Rio Grande Do Sul): It comes ca (weeds) + tin (nose) = nose of the weeds, tip of weeds.