Statute Of Limitations

Limitation Period for repayment of the Roman law meant the possibility of procedural protection of the rights due to the fact that over time this protection has not been implemented by the person concerned. Classic Roman law up to V. knew only the legal deadlines for certain actions. Under the current legislation of the Russian Federation aimed at implementing the action by citizens and organizations providing, inter alia, the Civil Procedure Code, the Arbitration Procedural Code of the Russian rights to judicial protection. How to provide art.

3 Code of Civil Procedure of the Russian Federation, Art. APC 4 '… the person concerned may appeal to court … for protection of their violated or contested legitimate rights and interests … ' Arbitration courts are obliged to settle the case not only correct but also timely. Violations of rights or legitimate interests in the court must find a quick defense that promotes real execution of the decision of the court decision. So it is said to in Articles 6 and 113 of the APC.

According to the Civil Code defined the statute of limitations for the protection of the violated or disputed rights in court. Limitation of actions considered the term to protect the rights of claim of the person whose right has been violated. Therefore, when applying to the arbitration court for the protection of the violated right to check, if missing the statute of limitations established by law for the protection of the law. The general limitation period set at three years.