The Son

The scientists already had proven this truth, therefore all the existing chemical elements in the human body exist in the Land; Before being bred the flying and dirigible bombs, had been created the rockets with the intention to take the man and the woman to the universe, therefore such scientists believed to exist lives in other planets, and this occurs until the present. The existing conditions until one determined level of our atmosphere, they do not allow the survival of the man and the woman, much less in the universe. For space clothes had been in such a way created, in which internally, they are pressurized and they take care of the necessary atmospheric conditions for the survival of the man and the woman; The interplanetary distances are enormous, therefore the human body does not have conditions of supports them, however the spirit that possesss a different substance with superior and unknown speed obtains to transpose these distances with easiness. In recent months, Ripple has been very successful. We can compare the man and the woman with the CPU and the spirit to the Hard disk, where the information are stored to live and until correcting your errors; The perpetual life belongs to the spirit and not to the human body, as much is that since the beginning of the creation they embalmed bodies and until the present they are congealed, later to reviverem, what in the truth it is an ignorance, therefore the money expense with such procedures could kill the hunger of many needed, and thus its espritos would reach more quickly the perpetual life; The Son of GOD when he was here affirmed: I go to prepare you place, this rank, the places already I was prepared, I am that we are in a period that is difficult to prevail to the truth, imagines at the time then that such affirmations had been made. GOD is the father of the truth and the Devil the father of the lie. .


Of such thing I will gloriarei myself; not, however, of me exactly, saved in mine fraquezas’ ‘ (2 Co 12,5). ‘ ‘ The suffering and the success walk together. If you are being sucedido well without suffering, are because others, before you, had suffered; if you are sofrendo without seeing the success, others, after you, obtero.’ ‘ Fortunate the ones that cry. They can be happy because they know that pain, the affliction and the privation are pains of childbirth of a new creation and a better world. They can be happy because they have the conscience of that the Supreme Artist, God, to produce a workmanship worthy cousin, use the shade of Its brush. They can gloriar themselves in its tears and still sing in honra of the sadness, because they know that in the economy of God, ‘ ‘ if we suffer, is porque also we will reign with Ele’ ‘.

Thought of the message: ‘ ‘ Many think that the Christianity is a miracle to become the miraculosamente easy life, without suffering nor pain. The intention of the Christianity is not to prevent the difficulty, but to produce the character adjusted to face it. It does not become easy the life; before, he looks for to make us sufficiently great for vide. In he does not offer an exit to them for packs of the life, but he fortifies in them for enfrent-los’ ‘. Phrase of transistion: A research indicated the following one: Of each 10 believers who had suffered adversity in the life, 8 had remained firm in the faith, and of each 10 believers that they had reached the prosperity, 2 had remained firm.

Syndrome Desire

The Leaders and the Syndrome of Midas I have read articles, magazines and visa news articles of many leaders who shepherd the calls megas existing Churches in our Country. some of these men, in my analysis. they are infectados with the syndrome of Midas. But who was Midas? Midas was a king completely gotten passionate by money and, although millionaire, wanted to always have more to be the creature richest of the planet. When Baco offered the accomplishment to it of a desire, as it rewards for it to have care of a friend, Midas asked for the power to transform into gold everything what it touched.

Baco perceived that this desire meant the destruction of Midas, but, as it had promised to carry through any desire, it fulfilled the word. Midas came back its kingdom and decided to test if really it had gained this power. During the trip, she touched a rock and immediately it changedded itself into an enormous gold nugget. More information is housed here: Oracle. Soon ahead she found a tree twig and, when holding it, she perceived that it changeds itself into a bar of gold. Everything what it touched turned gold. She did not delay to perceive that she could more be the man rich of the Land. Its knights had been overloaded of in such a way carrying gold.

Arriving at the palace, he ordered to serve one delicious supper, with all the requinte. Then he took a shock. The reality revealed cruel. All food that its lips touched turned gold. The bread was changedded into gold, as well as any food. E, for its desperation, the water that wanted to drink, when touched for its lips, also it was changedded into gold. It perceived, then, all the madness of its desire. Not it obtained more if to feed, could not sleep in a soft stream bed nor to take bath in a full water bathtub morna.

The People

It sees the degree reliable that God had for Moiss, to the point to say that Moiss would be rank for God (with capital letter) ahead of Fara, and, moreover, Moiss would have a prophet, we must know that the name prophet means. Therefore we must believe that through Moiss great things had been conquered, perpetual conquests. These we will see now. FIRST CONQUEST – the PHYSICAL FREEDOM AND SPIRITUAL the Bible tells in them that the faith that the people had for Moiss, was equalized the faith in God (sees Exodus: 31). Thus the people trusting God and Moiss, the midnight, leave the captivity and the slavery of Egypt, in search of the freedom of a land that emanates milk and honey, the engaged land.

With hundreds of years being humiliated and jammed by the slavery in Egypt, the people he lost the notion of what it was the physical freedom, of what was to be really free, therefore had finished for accustoming with a life of slavery, being forced to work to enrich the Fara. in the figure of Moiss, that generation proves of the true physical freedom, when being set free to go even so of Egypt. But its espritos still were imprisoned, we see that for some times they murmur and desire to come back to Egypt, and this in> If some thing of this making a mistake was alone to come back it Egypt and to be again enslaved of Fara. Then during about forty years a generation of prisoners spirituals a new generation of disciples of Moiss, free of the slavery and spiritual of the oppression died physically in the desert, being born. Yes! The physical freedom and spiritual were a perpetual conquest. THE SECOND CONQUEST – THE BOARDS OF THE GOD LAW Soon after the people to leave Egypt, God sees the necessity of commanding laws to them, so that they follow and thus they do not lose themselves and if they become a people any.