Emergency Trip To Moscow

Our visit to Moscow this time was unplanned. In the morning the chief said that the need to urgently address the issue regarding the allocation of budget to continue filming. Something was not docked, and it was necessary promptly provide copies to the center of expense receipts and copies of already recorded material. Plane ticket was booked immediately, with the return back today late at night. So, in Moscow was to stay only six hours, including a trip from the airport into the city and in the evening back to the airport. Puzzle Moscow colleagues meeting at the airport was not quite convenient. We are usually greeted and escorted through the city, but travel is usually planned in advance, and then for three hours! The problem goes away the easiest way. Going into the ‘Net on the way to the airport, I visited the site, the Moscow transport companies offering car rental with driver. Said the flight number and time arrival at Vnukovo Airport. Prices, sounded to me on the phone, tell the truth, I was somewhat puzzled, because were very low. It was providing me with new cars, high class and in my choice. I asked because such low prices, and received in response to info about the company’s policy, associated with substantial discounts for long-term lease of the car, calmly sat on the plane. The aircraft has unfolded on the field of Vnukovo airport, and I just managed to include mobile phone, the bell rang. It was the driver of the car I ordered. He was already near the airport and when I came out of the terminal building, not have to wait a minute. On this day, I was able to visit, in addition to the main office, and even studio up and running, which periodically called up on various technical issues, but never visited. Unexpectedly useful was this, unplanned first visit. vip taxi driver to plan a route so optimally that the traditional Moscow’s traffic jams, this time I almost did not notice. Even have time to dine in a restaurant, although expect only a cup of coffee. Already on the way back to airport, I asked the driver’s business card company and decided that the case be sure to take advantage of her services again. So convenient and easy to get this unplanned trip to Moscow.

Russian Information

What is important information for self-service terminal is easier to update, because do not need spend time and money on its listing, enough to bring it to the screen. Participating in the competition, the customer will not only demonstrate their knowledge in any field (which in itself is also very important), but also to learn something new. And this is what he learns is up to you. For information kiosk are all equal, so everyone concerned it will provide equal opportunities. Information kiosk impartial. 4. You want to know the views of their clients and partners about products and services, which provides your organization in any business is important to get feedback from their customers, it will help not only to correct mistakes, but also to choose a reference point for further development.

It is important to know the views of consumers not only about the quality of services, but also on their relevance. Questionnaire will identify the most strengths and weaknesses. And the customer feels that his opinion is important to you. Informational kiosk will still get to know your customers. 5.

You want to influence the target audience most effectively, ie not a boring static information (text, images, graphics, etc.), but interesting dynamic (speech, music, video, animation, etc.) is well known that the efficiency of absorption by different people of different types of information varies. Among us there are visuals, audialy etc. At the same time, dynamic information is known more attractive and interesting. Obviously, the most effective complex effects on multiple channels of perception. Information kiosk is understandable and interesting. 6. Are you interested in obtaining a new source of income (Eg, profits from the sale of advertising spots to your partners) through information kiosks, you can provide some of the services of your organization in electronic form. And to infobox brought a steady income – to place ads on it partner companies. Information kiosk revenue. 7. You are participating in exhibitions, presentations and do not want to take along all the samples from time to time we get up before choosing what to bring to the event. Would like Of course, to demonstrate all that we have already attained, but not always possible and is advisable. In this situation, information kiosks can act as an electronic catalog and virtual showcases. Information booth – a mobile showroom. 8. You care about the image of your organization and want to not only keep pace with competitors, but also to stay one step ahead of your competitors are also not sitting still. Those opportunities that they still do not use today may be their weapon against you tomorrow. Stay one step ahead. Information kiosk is a great tool effectively address everyday problems. Information booth – your stable resource. 9. Among your partners, visitors and clients have or may appear foreigners who are not perfectly fluent in Russian Most of us know 2.1 languages and it is often not perfect. And what if among your clients are foreigners? Or do you want them to appear. How to reach full understanding? Informational kiosk can provide any information in any language on the user's request. Information kiosk speaks the language the user. 10. You are interested in developing your business. Development of your business is impossible without the active interaction with the environment. And here, as they say, all ways are good. The main thing is not rest on our laurels, but constantly evolve. Information booth – a resource efficiency is in your hands. If your organization has at least 2 feature, you urgently need the information booth!