RU – information portal of the city of Ryazan. On this site you can learn in detail about different aspects of society. The main thing is that it always has the latest news of the day, not only in Ryazan, but Russia and the whole planet as a whole. Also portal provides an opportunity to learn about the latest movies, shows, exhibitions, festivals, parties, recreation, sports, tourism, and concerts. Introduce you to the different cultural institutions. Details can be found at IKAR62.RU cost entrance, opening hours, telephone numbers and addresses of these institutions. For people who are interested in any business, there is also a section on this website. They can find companies in various business areas, as well as look at a map where businesses are located.

You can also get acquainted with the major brands of Ryazan. The website gives more opportunity to learn the latest company news. The portal can help you find work through job search or applying for a job. This section is also divided into different areas of work. The site updated daily horoscopes. Still there is a dating service that helps you make new friends not only in Ryazan, but also anywhere in the world. You can share their photos with others, chat, read the latest jokes, play games, make appointments, etc. IKAR62.RU gives you the opportunity to place ads in these categories: animals, cars, Dating services profession.

Or offer someone something to sell, buy. On the site you can find phone numbers of different taxi in the city, you can watch online-translation of different concerts and speeches. And in the near future will be order broadcast. By onechno the site daily informs users about the weather and exchange rates. It is also possible on site to advertise or find what you need. IKAR62.RU has its own registration system. Daily on site many visitors come and enjoy various services portal.

Internet Stories

Internet resource "Real life stories of real people" has changed its design. As one said to the heroine's famous film "The new lipstick – a new face!" Just as the make-up can drastically transform a woman and website design, graphic and new colors are changing the site, users create a new mood allows a different take on it provided the information. Who said that only women need confidential conversations, support and practical advice at a time when power is running out, and its own fantasy is over? As it happens, not always close or friends are nearby, or can help. Not for nothing disbosom outsiders sometimes find it easier and easier. And the advice from could be the most correct and point to a bright point at the end of the dark tunnel. But we are not every day we travel in trains, where we were waiting for casual companions with in psychology, who can listen, sympathize and advise.

But we can not imagine my life without the Internet. The site "The real stories of real people" – it's like a life preserver on the white ocean liner of our lives. Life everyone – not monotonous. It is filled with various events, she shimmers like a rainbow. Only men and women their real stories.

Excellent half concerned with the opposite sex, love, children, animals. Men also have something to share. Almost every guy in the arsenal of a bunch of army non-trivial stories, sad, funny, exciting. Men can not do without intimacy, and this, too, anywhere not escape. Feats on any front are the deeds! A tough female characters are often put a strong floor to a standstill. Share experiences, pour out his heart, ask for advice in difficult times, throw out your good mood telling funny story, you can at any moment. One has only to open the cherished tab:. Read real stories published on the site guys and girls, for sure, looking at someone else's life, you will find something of value for himself. And maybe, on the other side of the world someone is waiting for your advice and badly in need of your participation. Every day we wake up with a different mood, and it depends on many factors. Both men and women choose their style and clothes in certain colors, and site of "real stories of real people" can now be different: each one! Pink clouds and hearts are gone. The new design of the Internet resource is made in the style of "unisex": no whorls, but the photographic illustrations for each section of the site and neutral colors. This design solution allows users of both sexes to feel comfortable opening the Life-stories.ru. But that's not all. On site has appeared "rainbow", and now our Internet site may change their "clothes" at least a dozen times a day. It would be wrong to make such a generic website in delicate pink or blue in strict. Still, our society is composed of both sexes, and should take into account the interests and beautiful women and strong men. Reconstruction of the site now allows users to decide what color to appear before them, the real history. At your service – twelve different colors, in that you're on your own if you choose to "disguise" the site. And do not hesitate to visit the updated site indefinitely. Just go and try pick a color to your mood. We are looking forward to new stories, good and different, and the lovely young ladies, and from our esteemed men. Contact information: E-mail: Website:

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Blog – this is your page for creativity and dialogue on our site. Here you can: create your own blog, read and comment on the blogs of other users. Blog will help you find the most loyal and trusted friends! Greeting Card – a gift that will always be delivered on time! With the help of service cards, you can create virtual cards by selecting the appropriate picture to accompany her lyrics, melody and send them to friends, relatives and friends. Video chat – a great way of virtual dialogue! Your caller will be able to see you on the monitor, to correspond with you and talk, but you can see it. Oracle addresses the importance of the matter here. On the dating service. We have a great team and try to provide the service level is high enough. We are doing our best to singles on our site become a reality, all forms are reviewed by our managers and in the event of any doubts or questions we address them with you.

This does not mean that we have there is any strict censorship – you can put any information about themselves and the private photos of any content. If you have read about Larry Ellison already – you may have come to the same conclusion. But, unfortunately, sometimes have to filter out the photos clearly do not belong to the owners of the questionnaires. Therefore, the questionnaire with false or purely commercial information will be deleted. For those who still will try to post their profiles on Our site just for the sake of indulgence, we recommend you do not spend any of its or our time. We have quite a serious service and, as a result of the study, it is absolutely useless forms, only polluting our database, we will removed without explanation. Our service is designed to work with people who really want to meet someone and approach this issue very seriously. Join us and you will be able to send personal messages to other users! You will have access popular services our site: Webcam CHAT Audio / Video communication, virtual cards, Blogs, Video Profiles!