Central European

Like entrepreneurs increasingly more create its existence outside their countries of origin and work where others make holidays, for example in Spain. For the introduction of the EURO and the reduction of bureaucracy that is now much easier since some years. But nevertheless, we must still take into account the characteristics of the chosen country, such that we have a mindset and culture that is different. Also in the market for commercial and industrial buildings there are serious differences between the European countries in price, land, State, the conditions of the rental / sale and infrastructure, and especially in the location. Apart from that there are to be clarified in differences of infrastructure: in big cities like Madrid and Barcelona the infrastructure is good, but in the more rural cities still there is need for action. In Central European countries there is a trend towards better conditions, while in the countries of Eastern Europe the infrastructure is often worse than in Spain.

By the above factors, the commercial and industrial buildings in cities such as Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona are very requested. Spain economic figures also have good influence, because Spain has a GDP (3.8%) growth significantly above the average for Europe (2.7%). As it was, the most important thing to expand abroad is report on the country chosen well. Apart from the marketing of properties in four languages (Spanish, German, English and French) Immopro24, the only portal for commercial and industrial buildings to the European level offers a broad section of information with news, market report, interviews and press releases from the world of commercial and industrial buildings. There is also a dictionary of real estate in the four major languages of Europe, which helps you and your potential foreign customers, simplify international business.