Adventure For The Senses

Wine tours have become a classic in Mendoza. Both residents and tourists joined in the experience of delight in the flavours and fragrances of this drink. So that wineries open their doors and reveal their secrets. Mendoza is a symbol of wine, better wine. It is why Mendoza vacations provide a unique opportunity to learn about the most fascinating aspects of the production of this beverage, sacred and profane at the same time, adopted by all cultures and social classes. At only a few kilometres from the capital, in the area of Lujan de Cuyo, located several of the most important wineries in the country. Most of these complexes offer guided tours of their facilities.

Usually, this type of tours begin in Carmine Granata, a flirtatious Winery founded by an Italian in the middle of the 20th century. Today, their descendants have their own vineyards and continue the family tradition: the production of delicious Malbec, Pinot Noir and Semillon. The visit begins with the observation of the machines in which are deposited the grapes for white wine and red wine. Then the tour continues towards the tunnels where the enormous pools are located. There wines are poured and left for months on end, until they reach the required fermentation point.

The next place is the winery, where drinks are deposited in barrels to mix with the wood and oxygen. The end of the visit consists of a tasting of products in a room perfectly decorated for the occasion. The following wineries are Vinisterra and Baudron, also in the area of Lujan’s whose. The modern facilities of Vinisterra, the most important premise argues that the production of its wines should have less technological intervention as possible. Therefore, the grapes are manually selected and thus derived to stainless steel for its fermentation tanks. After several weeks, the process continues in French or American oak casks, where the wine is aged in temperatures more suitable. Baudron, in change, it is a winery industry. Its vineyards lie to the East of the province, and its fruits constitute the raw material of the most delicious varieties of white and red wine. Visits to wineries are, without doubt, very entertaining and seductive alternatives when tourism in Mendoza it comes. Visit the different wineries tours will give tourists the possibility to learn about one of the most exciting and traditional regional industries.

Heiko Middelhoff

At the subsequent awards ceremony the anniversary winners were then”, as for example the fastest man Heiko Middelhoff honored. He came up with the impressive time of 20 minutes and 21 seconds at the finish, Joey Kelly congratulations and prices not only gave. More anniversary winners were also honored and qualified for the final of the German company country Championships end of August in Berlin. All ran away the fastest mixed team of Giesicke & Devrient GmbH and also the fastest Chief Bianca Meyer the RUNNING company was not to overtake. Remember that the B2RUN was sold out again early this year, contributed some 1,400 companies from Munich and the surrounding area. For the fifth time, the Siemens AG defended the title of fittest group with impressive 1.4000 participants”and also the Arithnea GmbH was Fittestes SME for the umpteenth time”.

In the audience vote on the choice of the most original team”, the team of the Knights of Malta the loudest sounds coaxed the present. Big eyes made about 21:45, because then all visitors set fire to the organizers a colorful anniversary Fireworks at the stadium. If you look into the colored sky everyone had even opportunity at his best moments from the past few years Munich company run”to think. The participants as well as all parties have experienced much in time. By bright sunshine of sudden storms, manageable 2,500 up to sold-out 30,000 participants, there was never a dull moment at this event. And who still lust after the running spectacle in the Olympic Park to hit the dance floor, could do that. It was still in the P1, where in the best mood with runners, was pushed to organizers and prominent on the run history. So, a Jubilee sounded out slowly.

See muenchen about the B2RUN all results as well as more information about the B2RUN in Munich and to the anniversary party GmbH & co. KG B2RUN has given a new face to the companies running and created a unique corporate run series: the German company country Championships. In ten major cities, companies qualify “for the great B2RUN final in Berlin and navigate together money for the Charitypartner RTL we help children”. This B2RUN is aimed at companies of any size and provides the ideal introduction to running sports especially running newcomers with a length of six kilometres. More information about B2RUN, see or B2RUN. The B2RUN GmbH & co. KG editorial/press contact: Sonke Bahr Tel.: + 49 (0) 89 54 04 47 0 fax: + 49 (0) 89 54 04 47-199 E-Mail: