PlayStation 3 Slim – 3D Thanks To Firmware Update

Now with 3D gaming and Blu-ray – the ultimate entertainment device? Some time ago, Sony Computer Entertainment announced that a new firmware is update for the PlayStation 3 slim in the starting blocks. The good news for PS3 owners is that this simple firmware the 3D console will make able update. For little money you get with the update playable demos of Wipeout HD, Motorstorm: Pacific rift and more. A second firmware update will Blu-ray 3D playback make possible. You can confidently say that the PlayStation 3 to 4 is years after her release, still the leader in the field of home entertainment. To prove this we have the PlayStation 3 slim connected a 3D TV, the Sony BRAVIA HX803. As a Blu-ray player, the PS3 needs a little longer to load than Player specifically aligned, but besides the console playing perfectly the movies in crystal clear full HD. If you downloaded the 3D update, the only visible difference is the menu item one asking how big is the 3D TV.

If you then start to play and tried the first 3D game, white should at last what all the 3D Getratsche. The hovercraft directly in front of a hovering in Wipeout HD, so you want to just stretch out your arm and touch it. Bernard Golden recognizes the significance of this. To heat at insane speeds through the tracks more fun when you can experience it all in 3 dimensions. Motorstorm: Pacific rift offers even a still stronger 3D effect. Especially during the spectacular accidents it is clear how much 3D contributes to the game experience one. PlayStation 3 slim: design and functions can the PlayStation 3 slim a dedicated Blu-ray player offer Paroli? It is each case bigger and harder, what the reason but to provide a very large hard disk, contains 7 core cell processor and Wi-Fi.

All this and the opportunity to play games are an unfair advantage the PlayStation 3 slim, but even the price can be seen. So where’s the catch? It seems that Sony Computer Entertainment has brought the PlayStation 3 with foresight on the market. Each console has brought losses, what it took to purchase build a user base. The console was, and so is a bargain when you consider what you all get included. A Blu-ray player with hard disk and streaming capabilities. The large hard drive is perfect to that music, movies, photos and games store. PlayStation 3 slim: conclusion the PlayStation 3 slim was a fantastic games console and the 3D update it only get better and forward-looking did. If there is a group of people who have no problem wearing glasses to enjoy 3D effects to, then there are the gaming people. The update is very interesting also with regard to market research, because we will see how 3D on the mass market can prevail based on the PS3.


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The Game

The main subjects – household. Actions of children are monotonous and often repeated. Roles are not marked. The children eagerly play with an adult. Individual game short. Typically, the incentive of the game is the toy or object-deputy, who had previously been used in the game. Second stage.

The main content of the game – the action of the subject. These actions are being deployed more fully and consistently in accordance with the role, which has already indicated word. The sequence of actions becomes the rule. Occurs first interaction between the participants on the basis of the total toy (or direction of action). Combining short-term. The main subjects – household. The same game can be repeated many times. Toys not chosen in advance, but children often use the same – your favorite.

The game may already be combined 2-3 people. The third stage. The main content of the game – as the actions of subjects. However, they are supplemented by actions aimed at establishing contacts with various partners in the game. Roles are clearly identified and allocated before the game. Toys and objects are selected (usually by During the game), in accordance with the role. Logic, the nature of action and their orientation are determined by the role. This is the basic rule. The game usually runs as a joint, although the interaction interspersed with parallel of partners, not related to each other, not correlated with the role. The game increases. Plots are becoming more diverse: children reflect daily life, work and bright adult social phenomena. Fourth stage. The main content of the game – a reflection of the relations and interactions of adults with each other. Subject games can be varied: she is determined not only direct but also indirect experiences of children. Games are collaborative, collective character. Associations are stable. They are under construction or on the children's interest in the same game, or based on personal sympathies and loyalties. Game one content is not only long-term repeated, but develop, enrich, there a long time. The game at this point stands out clearly preparatory work: the distribution of roles, the selection of game material, and sometimes its manufacturing (toys, DIY). Requirement compliance vital logic applies not only to action but also to all the actions and role behavior of participants. The game involved up to 5-6 people. The above-mentioned levels reflect the overall development of the subject-role-playing game However, in specific age groups adjacent levels coexist.