Once fact this I look for music I put in the note grill: virtual piano (in the case of flx piano is called roll) the sound vts that I have created touching the different bellboys, cuts, deleys, echoes etc. from are here when I begin to look for the structure of the subject beginning-development and end, just as a chess game, in fact music is a mathematical structure and all the principles of electronic music this related to mathematical algorithms. After beginning to a little sense to the song with the flexions, changes of rates, automatizations and effects, this it is most difficult, mainly the changes of rate that are those that raises the rate and the soul it listens to which them. When I have done this already this realised 95% the other 5% is maquillaje, equalization control of the decibels in the tracks that you do not go with the gains etc, that is to listen to the song a few times in my case can be several hours. This subject for example has 60 hours and this alive bony one I do not even know the hours that it will still have left. Now I am going to explain the route of this I complete subject in used application FLX studio. Summary: 1. – The tracks that I have used in secuenciador for their development is 26.Luego I will return explaining that are in each of them 2.

– The used sounds are 23 removed from imported VTS and 3 of bookstore (hihat, perc and clap), I the bookstores of sounds that use are hihats, claps, percs and some kick although these last them passage by grills of effects always giving them more depth, and mainly making them more serious. 3. – The used VTS are sytrus that is own of flx, poizone, vanguard and nexus.