Japanese Company

Rather unusual way of using reclaimed Japanese yen has found the company ‘Isidzaki’, which is widely known for its manufacture of non-traditional materials. Resourcefulness of the Japanese can only envy, it would seem, to be used out-of circulation banknotes? Well, not as kindling wood stove:) So, a little bit about the company ‘Isidzaki’ – a company that is renowned for its creative products, among which stand out clearly flower pots. Perhaps this would have never occurred to me, but they are made from tea leaves, coffee grounds and, indeed, banknotes. If the tea and coffee issues should not arise, then here with bank notes, it would seem cases should obstoyat somewhat more complicated. But nothing will stop the Japanese mind:) Raw material for pots company ‘Isidzaki’ gets in the Central Bank of Japan in view of the ground mass, formed from the unfit banknotes. Most difficult at this event was to conclude an agreement with the Central Bank for the supply of material. A little less than a year was spent in negotiations with the bank and asking all the nuances down to a roster of employees involved to produce the pots. One of the interesting facts of flower pots is that for making one pot should not a lot of not a few, and 2 Millon Japanese yen.

We can only speculate about the real value of these pots, as perhaps nowhere else in the world there is no such material for the production of flower pots. And if you take into account the complexity of the processes of ‘uzakanivaniyu’ of such production, it is not difficult suggest that the serial proizvostvo such products is unlikely. However just have to wait an official response of the Japanese side about the actual value and availability of their unique invention. Originality of the Japanese there is no limit! Now, the press service of the company ‘Isidzaki’ said the preparations for the release of hours on the same technology, thus confirming the truth of the adage ‘Time is money’!