VCA Technology

In the line of intelligent video surveillance equipment for the brand appeared Smartec network camera dome type STC-IPX2050A family NEYRO, which use algorithms analytics VCA presence of English company VCA Technology. New Models equipped with 1/4-inch CMOS-sensor, 3.6mm lens, support software feature "Day / Night" and provide a translation of an informative video in all light conditions down to 0.1 lux. In addition, each dome camera series can NEYRO send one or two streams of video formats H.264, M-JPEG or MPEG-4 at resolutions up to Full D1 and frame rate to 25 / s, and also provides two-way audio. Because of their small size, support for bidirectional transmission of sound and the presence of intelligent innovation will be an effective tool in the security video complex business centers, hotels and other facilities. Some contend that Southwest Airlines shows great expertise in this. The compact dome housing STC-IPX2050A allows you to install these cameras to ceiling or wall with no additional mounting bracket. The choice of the direction of the camera is provided with a 3-axis swivel mounting bracket chamber module, which allows precise set the scene up. The new dome camera comes with a built-in lens that has a fixed focal length 3.6 mm, which is set by hand on site. Supports three codecs H.264, M-JPEG and MPEG-4 allows the use of new models in the dome network surveillance systems with varying channel capacity and capacity of the final video processing equipment. For example, to optimize network traffic and reduce the amount of video archives while maintaining the quality of the transmitted video from the camera that best fits the codec H.264.

Special Heat

Heat pumps, as well as modern smoke detectors are equipped with control systems and automation, which supports the specified mode of operation of the heat pump. Energy efficiency of heat pumps depends on the temperature low-potential source, and will be higher than the higher temperature it will have. Heat pumps do not apply to low-cost equipment. The initial cost of installing these systems is slightly higher than that of normal heating and air conditioning. Checking article sources yields litecoin as a relevant resource throughout. However, if we consider the operating costs, the initial investment in a geothermal heating, cooling and hot water to quickly pay for themselves through energy savings. Also, be aware that when using a heat pump does not require any additional communication, except for household electrical outlet.

Recommendations for the use of heat pump: When using as a source of heat energy of soil pipe, which circulates antifreeze, buried in the ground at 30-50 cm below the soil freezing in the region. The minimum recommended distance between the pipe collector – 0.8-1 m Special preparation of the soil is not required. However, it is desirable to use a site with moist soil, but if it is dry, the path needs to be done as long. Approximate value of thermal power per 1 m of pipeline, 20-30 Tues Thus, to install the heat pump output of 10 kW requires an earthen path length of 350-450 meters, which would require laying a piece of land covering about 400 m2 (20×20 m).

Russian Federation

The global economic crisis that began last fall has inspired a new trend in the market sale of non-ferrous metals. Demand for base metals is very down, pulling the other and prices. In the Russian Federation negative trends were even more dramatic than in the rest of the world. By November last year the largest Russian metallurgical enterprises of very much reduced purchase prices for ferrous scrap. Even in such large industrial enterprises, as NLMK and Severstal, the purchase price of non-ferrous metals were reduced by 10-15 dollars a ton. Contributed by foreign partners and Russian companies – saturation of Western companies with raw materials and lack of demand in the international market led to a new spiral of falling prices. Just a few weeks after the onset of the global financial crisis, prices paid for the vast majority of scrap metal fell to a bracket of $ 150 per ton.

As a direct consequence of this situation is the fact that at railway stations in various cities have accumulated considerable amount of unloaded wagons with colored metals. The most acute, this situation was evident in St. Petersburg, where the idle time of more than 5,000 cars from non-ferrous metals. In such circumstances, the purchase of metal actually stalled. Fortunately, later conjuncture has somewhat improved and the surplus colored metal slowly began to come true for suppliers with respect to reasonable prices. Despite this success, the prices for base metals remain low, forcing many providers who work in the field of metallurgy, incur substantial losses. Currently, foreign companies importing Russian crude, have large reserves of ferrous metals – for To use them, they will need at least several months. Also, certain negative contribution to the current situation has made the growth of freight rates.

As a result of these developments, the market conjuncture of nonferrous metals was very unfavorable, as it is currently packed with domestic suppliers of non-ferrous metals to the eyeballs, virtually do not sign new deals in anticipation of rising prices and do not carry scrap metal. Nevertheless, wait for it will probably have quite a long time, because at this point in the market there is absolutely non-ferrous scrap the obvious cold, and abrupt changes in a positive direction in the near future is not expected necessary. In conclusion, it should be said that the steel industry, in particular the purchase of scrap metal market, has become one of the most affected sectors of the financial crisis the global economy. Russian managers steel companies can only hope for the best and expect the crisis.

The Ends

The basis of frame formwork systems are the skeletal protection. Ron O’Hanley: the source for more info. They consist of a carrier metal frame (steel or aluminum), ribs and shuttering plates. The frame of a closed hollow profile with a contoured ribbed formwork protects the ends of the plate from damage and allows you to combine items in any place. Continue to learn more with: Bill O’Grady. Metal frame not only provides the necessary rigidity formwork design, but also greatly simplifies and accelerates the assembly of modular elements. Formwork plate is usually made of plywood.

But the veneer of the wood material as there are some shortcomings, which were discussed above. Therefore, wooden shuttering boards more often, compared with the other elements formwork, in need of repair and replacement. A number of firms producing formwork systems, today addresses the issue of increasing the number of cycles of operation of the formwork and improve the quality of the concrete surface. One of these new developments is the new 'sendvich'-material developed by German experts. It is distinguished: a low hygroscopicity, lower weight, compared with plywood, and resistance to UV, resistance to mechanical damage, low fit to concrete and simplified cleaning.

'Sendvich'-material consists of a layer penopropilena, lined on both sides of aluminum sheets and layers of PP-Polypropylene. Price m2 such plates approximately two times higher than the plywood board, but it provides a greater number of cycles of formwork and improved quality of concrete. To obtain a smooth surface walls, ceilings, etc. important point is to preserve the geometry of the formwork during zamonolichivaniya. Each manufacturer pays great attention to the development of original fittings (locks, anchor elements, pads, etc.) to easily implement a robust, durable, with flat seams attachment of formwork.

Mini Orange

Ventilation systems for domestic, office and industrial values have a set of elements. Such elements are diffusers and diffuser ceiling. Diffusers (ceiling) – part ventilation system, no less important than flexible ducts, fans or fixing elements such as brackets, corners and duct profile to the flange. In the ventilation diffusers are role of air distributors, that is, devices through which the airflow enters the room. Diffusers help distribute the air supply to the entire area of the room, but can also be used for individual control of air flow. Strictly defined classification grid and diffusers do not have. However, they can be divided in purpose to the air supply and exhaust.

Ventilation grilles equipped with a very handy piece – mini-blinds, allowing direct airflow in the right direction. They also have more moving parts, well and accordingly the price. Manufacture of air in the last few years constantly improved, there are air ducts made of stainless steel and aluminum. In 2010, active in vogue, plastic ducts. Duct forms also vary: they are used circular and rectangular ducts. With each Year of new developments and innovative solutions can effectively organize the circulation of air currents as in industrial and residential use. The correct choice will solve the above-mentioned products engineering problems such as noise during the passage of air through air vents or drafts availability, quality airflow in the room, stepless adjustment of the air, preventing condensation ventilation systems, noise reduction equipment. A diffuser unit will provide a well-ventilated room with a minimum of awn temperature gradients.

In 2010, maintained the demand for Drainage Pumps Sauermann, Aspen. Many companies are working with data pompani convinced that the products Sauermann – it is a reliable and effective solution. Why do experts believe a pump Sauermann? Note that the condensate pump company in the world Sauermann market since 1989. Thanks to the drain pump, brand Sauermann, founded in 1976 in France, earned his international fame. For them, the company received the award Interclima in the category "Innovation" in 1993. Since then, the innovation has become the main approach to developing new models of drainage pumps. For example, in the same 1993 Sauermann Launches small condensate pumps for air conditioning systems, and in 2004, improves range by developing a new generation of mini. Drainage pumps British company ASPEN also among the leaders in the consumer market. Practice has shown that in many cases there is a problem with the ways of the condensate. To solve this problem within its own companies, engineers have developed its first peristaltic or membrane pump. Thus, the company ASPEN discovered a new direction for the development and manufacture of reliable and easy to install pumps. Pumps ASPEN – Mini Orange, Maxi Orange, Mini Aqua – smallest drainage pump, Mini Lime – Split Pump Mini Lime designed to be installed, above false ceilings, in a plastic box, inside the wall of the indoor unit cplit system. It was developed a number of models adapted to all conditions and installation options.

Auto-Lock Cabling

Cabling autolock is divided into the station and distillation. To auto-lock cable lines also include cable insertion in high-voltage signal line at the intersection of Water obstacles in mountainous areas, in large stations, settlements, etc. The station cable network is a collection of auto-lock cable lines that connect the premises located at assistant station signal relay with centralizers booths or cabinets input and output signals in both directions. In addition, the cable lines are laid from relay to battery cabinets wells, traffic lights, pointer positions and cable racks track circuits. Distillation cable network auto-lock exists on the stretch at the installation site of signal points and, as a rule, consists of a cable, laid on the cable box supports high-power-signal line to relay cabinet and the last to walk-through traffic lights, battery and cable racks well track circuits. Cable network is used to centralize power connection of devices floor devices (lights, switches drives, track circuits, etc.) with instruments installed in the relay booths, and the latter with a signal point in EAF centralization with local dependencies or with devices arranged in interlocking positions.

Cable network centralization hump similar to the electrical cable network centralization. Recently, the yards began extensive introduction of automated dissolution of the compositions on rollercoaster. In this regard, the yards are laid cables connecting the device floor automation equipment automation, mounted on the hump positions. Cable network station lock in stations with mechanical interlocking switches and signals consist of cables connecting the administrative apparatus, installed at the EAF, the executive apparatus, installed in the premises bugler and whipping, as well as cables connecting devices executive with rail pedals, coupling mechanisms, and the rubbing contacts for the semaphores of the wings. It should also be indicate that in cases where the roadway is laid along the cable telecommunications, lived part of the cable, usually used for automation and remote control. Stranded cable is used for communication circuits elektrozhezlovoy systems and semi-directional lock, automatic block signal circuits, circuits, remote control traction substations on electrified routes, and traffic control circuits for centralization and control.


Keyboards Everything we've seen what it looks like foil keyboard like this: In order to make it necessary to do a great job of finishing order and agreed understanding of what the customer wants. One of the film klavitur or how it all began: BUSINESS PROPOSAL Dear Sir! Our company (a company can be found on our website) requires you to make orders for the production of the front panel for our device. The device is intended for use in ship automation complexes. In addition to the switching elements (four buttons) on the front panel should be withdrawn functional elements of the display (330 LEDs) and light (123 LEDs), graphic elements and symbols, and graphic elements themselves (and the labels indicate.) Articulation of the front panel of the controller board of management should be through a flexible connectors with a rigid connector (to ensure proper contact). In addition the product should be covered with anti-reflective coating and the surface of the front panel must be protected from mechanical damage and corrosive media (equipment will be used in marine environments). If you are willing to do such work, we prepare your specification and a set of documents required to be in advance with you bargained for. Tell us please the panel estimated cost per 10 pcs.

, 100 pieces, 500 pieces. and 1000. Please confirm receipt of this letter. Sincerely, Mr. confusing VA Next is an attachment to PDF file from which all nicherta not clear. And what? Based on experience, immediately realized that neither of thousands of copies which can be no question. All this was written only to me flustered. In fact, Mr.

confusing would order a maximum of ten keyboards at best. Such a vile deception me very upset. In addition, it is absolutely clear that a person can not clearly express the idea, then why request it calls "commercial supply ', says the company' suggests you "make us so much keyboards. In general, delirium. What do I do then? And that's what. I just simply asked to formulate a clear and well teh.zadanie decorated for the production of membrane keyboards. If I see a competent job of those I will be able to calculate it, invoice and after payment to send to work. If the specification is not, or I do not understand, that from I want the customer-not that I make, I will not even be able to calculate! Well, if you're a developer or designer, be kind enough to explain what you want so I have made? If you can not explain it, then I in turn did not make it I can. It's simple!.

Novosibirsk Company

Despite the fact that this technique is quite expensive (from $ 20 to $ 200 thousand), it compares favorably with high quality and reliability, so if you need loader for intensive long-term operation, better to choose the model of one of these you are going to use marok.Esli loader no more than a few hours a day, or every day, you can purchase a less expensive but also less quality and reliable equipment from Chinese or Korean proizvoditeley.Chto As forklifts produced in Bulgaria, they are also attracted to the low price. However, they are not designed for intensive use, because of their short lifespan and require frequent repairs, which is fraught with additional costs. Forklift trucks from domestic manufacturers also do not withstand heavy use. Machinery from European manufacturers have good quality, but somewhat overpriced, which is largely determined by fluctuations of the euro. American forklifts are not widely spread in Russia, so if you need to overhaul the owner of the truck, sooner or later face the problem of lack of network service availability tsentrov.Imenno and branching in these networks predetermines the choice of equipment manufacturer, because of the speed replacement parts in case of damage to the loader can determine the success of our business.

In some cases, especially in storage, a simple threatens the loss of time and money, which is why when choosing a truck manufacturer should find out if they have any representation in regionah.Bolshoy popular on the Russian market are from model loaders SCI company that combine high performance, quality, reliability and modern design. With these advantages, as well as quality assembly and adaptation to Russian conditions, the Corporation entered into SCI three leading manufacturers of trucks on the Russian distributor of the brand rynke.Ofitsialnym SCI in Russia is the company 'Giant'. Today the company has offices in St. Petersburg Ekaterinburg, Voronezh, Barnaul, Irkutsk, Kazan, Krasnodar, Kursk, Lipetsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don, Stavropol, Severodvinsk, Chelyabinsk, Surgut. Regional dealers provide complete set of services, including maintenance and repair of trucks of any on-site customer, and also have the rent for a period of repair trucks from the company pogruzchika.Vilochnye SCI – reliability, durability and build quality. If you want upscale, low-maintenance techniques for heavy-duty, forklifts from TCM Company – your choice.

JSC Company Innovation BAUMANN

In this article we would like to include information about the leading manufacturers of PTO – our longstanding partner – BAUMANN SrL (Italy) and HUBTEX Maschinenbau GmbH, which offer excellent solutions for handling long- and non-standard goods. The peculiarity of these producers is that they produce a serial models of equipment, long-established not only in Europe but also in the Russian market. With the development of logistics, warehouse economy and the emergence of new industries and smart approach to processing and storage of products in our country, interest in such equipment is growing every year. CJSC "Company Innovation and technology "is the official exclusive dealer BAUMANN SrL (Italy) and the dealer HUBTEX (Germany) in Russia, delivers the technology, its warranty and maintenance of spare parts. Full Article of trucks and BAUMANN HUBTEX of JSC Company Innovation and Technology in pdf format magazine Warehouse Appliances and 11, 2009 the Company BAUMANN SrL (Italy) (official site of the company BAUMANN; video side forklift BAUMANN), founded by Wolfgang Baumann (Wolfgang Baumann), Mr. In 1969 Mr.

year, is the largest producer of classic side-loaders (sideloader). Side loader forklift saydloder with side placement of cargo carriage, or truck with side-loading, with a side platform. There is many synonyms for this type of material handling equipment. The main purpose of side-loader is the work of loading and unloading long items. The company has a slogan Bauman: "This saydloder (side loader) only Cavaion . This small town in Italy has become a synonym for the word sideloaders BAUMANN (side loaders BAUMANN) in the world.