Garden Facilities

These professionals offer garden facilities with additional features and that's not counting the fact that you can order a gazebo round, oval, square, rectangular, multi-faceted, and indeed any form. For example, can design a gazebo with barbecue and a playground for the fireworks, two-tiered structure, in the form of pavilions. Make a summerhouse "correct" If you allow the power supply, the floor in the glassed gazebo can be warm. He will be in particularly relevant in the spring and fall when there is a desire to hold commemorative events in the open air. Fresh air ventilation provide the grid. To water or bleeding inside and not be uncomfortable, the floor in bowers made slightly convex in the middle, and bottom arbor, usually mounted on poles. One of the pillars of security – "obuvanie" them into pieces with a soft roof, the so-called waterproofing covers can also be handle special means. Section gazebo walls give it a specific geometric shape.

Experts advise not to construct large rectangular gazebo, in order to reduce the visual massiveness, they are made or octagonal dvennadtsatiugolnymi (round). When designing a roof gazebo should pay close attention to the angle of the roof. With a large roof slope seems heavy, with a small – and diminished strength waterproofing. You can make a fire-proof roof, which would prevent her very hot summer. Refractory can be made and a wooden roof or plant, is only their specially processed. Roofing tiles made of natural is heavy, so most only for reinforced structures arbours (in brick, iron or square log supports).

Metal tiles are not quite comfortable in packing in complex forms of roofing. Experts recommend a flexible cover gazebo roof shingles, the warranty period is 30 years of service or a cellular polycarbonate (clear top). Polycarbonate roof stand pressure of snow and rain protection, non-flammable and easy to repair and maintain. Disadvantages include poor visibility and exposure Haze Pollution. Brick pavilions are advised to make glazed with a warm and reinforced foundation and thin legs. Forged gazebo hosts chosen for their exclusivity, the supreme aesthetic value and durability. More types of gazebos are popular summer outdoor gazebo and "pagoda". This is a classic buildings with open windows and door openings. Identical in functionality, yet delicate arbours and pergolas (fences and arches in the restricted execution), and hipped "hut" without walls. These gazebos mean maximum openness for visibility and access to air, because of their limited comfort warm season. They are opposed – arbor of sliced logs, similar to the Russian izbysruby. Their massiveness allows apply to natural tile roof. Depending on the performance reminiscent of cabins with windows. Are open or glazed (gazebo photos). Pavilions more like a room in the garden. Usually, they are made in private with Most glass-side surface. Completely deaf at the Pavilion may be one or two walls. These "rooms" designed with a large area and are designed accommodate many people. Attached Pavilion transformed into a huge veranda. From the outside world corner pavilions and pergolas fence parked with odnoydvuh parties to capital structure. And do not be afraid to experiment, Landscape design their own hands – it is quite not difficult, you just turn on your imagination /

7 Steps For Choice Fence Construction

To begin with – list the main materials for fences, brick, metal and wood. Fences made of bricks will be an excellent addition to your brick house, on the other hand would look doubtful, enclosing large area without brick buildings. Welded steel fences will be modular ideal to protect large areas of kindergartens, schools or businesses, with a cozy cottage on your, it will be look a bit strange, though of course everything will depend on the particular situation. Fences of Rabitz – wire mesh fences – perfectly suited for the protection of neighboring sites of each other, but will ill look elsewhere. Fences made of corrugated board – fit in, if you want to hide from prying eyes area.

Metal forged fence – will give your site the most sophisticated look. The last option is the most expensive of all, to the same should seamlessly blend with the rest of the site, but it is better to use the services of landscape designers – in this case, your site will attract many envious looks. Step 1. Type of fence. Decide on the type of fence – it can be open fence (which can be seen through what is happening outside the territory) or a solid fence (completely hides from outside the territory for him). Evaluate the functions that the fence must comply. It is worth noting that if you believe that a solid fence is more secure than the open, then you are partly right, because the complexity of overcoming the latter option much larger.

Information Wave Technologies

What each of us is dreaming? Well of course that to be successful in life and succeed in the three most important endeavors: to fulfill themselves in their profession, to find a happy family and get a safe comfortable home. The company "3 Engineer 'happy to help you find a comfortable cottage, which will meet all your requirements and will be home of your dreams. Modern people are tired of the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. So most people seeks to find harmony with nature and surround yourself with items made from natural organic materials. The house – a place where a person spends an enormous amount of time. So, the ideal home should not be only beautiful and reliable but also safe for habitation. It is therefore important to choose the right frame for the house that will serve you faithfully for many, many years. Our company specializes in building cottages of high quality raw materials that meets all safety requirements.

We carry out the construction of cottages on standard and custom designed based on advanced technology and rich experience. The advantage of our company is to provide a full range of services related to building a house, starting from project preparation and finishing decorating the interior and putting the house under the key. Believe me, we know a lot about construction. Entrust home construction company "3 engineer" We are ready to build your dream house! We supply very high quality frames of rep. Mari-El. Centuries-old traditions of wooden architecture. Selected winter forest rolls.

Any project. Any finish. Inexpensive. Representative in Moscow energy properties of trees Dendroterapiya – a method of treatment and prevention, which uses the healing properties of trees. Most people do not suspect that almost all the trees have a direct healing effect – for which it is sufficient only to lean against him! Trees heal mind, stimulate the heart and stimulates the metabolism, relieve headaches pain, reduce the effects of stress … dowsing experts from the Institute of Health of Great Britain say that every tree has the aura (energy accumulating space). The effect of this bio on the biofield human health effect is explained. Trees have such a powerful energy force that can cure many diseases are not worse than traditional medicines. Association of Engineering dowsing were conducted numerous experiments, which allowed to define three types of interaction between man and the tree: one tree species feed off our bodies vital force, others take the negative energy, others are neutral. Specialists of the Moscow Institute of Information Wave Technologies believes that in contact with the tree man is no "recharge" or "taking away" of energy occurs. Just a tree around itself a weak electromagnetic radiation, and if the frequency of the radiation coincides with the frequency of electromagnetic radiation of man, there is a resonance, there is an increase of energetic activity.