Understanding Financial Services

The following is a brief look to the interests of the client relationship with the bank. At most retail consumer market will accept any proposal as a set of core and complementary products. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Larry Ellison. The main product – is the core product or service that directly address the needs. Additional products include packing, delivery, warranty, additional functionality and other product elements related to customer satisfaction indirectly. Modern marketing calls to strive not only to the immediate needs of the client, but also to create a strong emotional bond with him. In This primarily concerns complex products and services whose consumption is associated with significant risks. Get more background information with materials from Verizon Communications. Of course, in the course of routine daily purchases emotional connection to the seller and the buyer is minimal, but when we are talking about professional services, on an emotional level is formed by the credibility of the organization, the attitude as an ally in addressing the consumer.

In financial services, dealing with one of the most sacred areas of consumer life – money – the interaction on the emotional level is elevated to a special rank. Today, consumers compare the well-being of importance to health, so on a subconscious level expect financial institutions to an appropriate attitude, akin to the relations of doctor and patient. Thus, customer care is a very powerful tool for creating loyalty. Is in theory because, in practice, customer care, not as a stamp and a slogan, but as a real system to manage client relationships in the banking sector has not been implemented almost anywhere. Non-punctual borrower becomes a natural enemy Bank within two weeks of delay the next payment, even though these risks are, of course, included in the cost of credit. Waiting for re-issue credit card in a few weeks, a half-hour queue in a bank, imposition of 'elected' insurers with unbridled rate – the rate today. Just a year ago are the norm, even outright deception about the value of borrowers interest rates. About any partnership, and especially about customer loyalty in such circumstances can be no question.

Partnerships from the perspective of bank customers mean symmetrical conditions. Many banks are directed towards achieving customer loyalty, but hiking is selected incorrect. Loyalty based on satisfaction, satisfaction is based on obtaining the basic benefits required in the banking market: saving + empowerment. Since all banks satisfy these benefits direction of differentiation must be sought in additional benefits: comfort, care of the client as a partner, emotional attachment, the solution of the maximum problem.