Monday Eulalio

ANDA, responded you if you of our people. Well, let’s see if now when we come, you are not in a bad mood and smiles a little. Us he fired with his surly gesture and their somewhat insecure steps closing well behind us and thinking that we were some my. One morning I saw him pass by my house and he was surprised to see me. Do you live here? I asked between shy and azorado. And for the first time Eulalio drew a smile of confidence in their thin lips through which protruded a Duchy which rose a spiral of smoke that was lost in the edge of the visor of his Cap. Days passed and a late Eulalio asked me if when you come to Tomelloso gave him permission to visit me.

He came to town every fortnight to see two raw, sometimes in the traveller and others with Gonzalo, the Social worker. One morning at ten o’clock Eulalio called and open him was left standing in the portal with its cap removed and mulling in his hands, nervous, and clarify that it would be very little time because I had to see her cousins and then before one be at the residence of Tomelloso, to eat, and from there come back with Gonzalo to his house. Since then invariably every fifteen Eulalio days arrives is taken with me a coffee or a juice and after telling me there is much work in the residence and care much who passes and out of it, for what that is no friend of the alien people, goes up to the next two weeks. One of those Monday Eulalio appears at home told me that it would soon be his birthday, I researched about their personal tastes and told me that had everything, scarves, socks, colonies, scarves, shoes, candy, tobacco in the end that left me without knowing what to say. .