Cordiplan Law

Also noted that one of the most important aspects to be included in the new Organic Labour Act is the retroactivity of the social benefits, which was eliminated by Teodoro Petkoff while he served as Minister of Cordiplan in the former Government of President Rafael Caldera. We’re going to return this right to the Venezuelan workers, a right that was taken from them by neo-liberals who ruled this country. The University of Carabobo, Dr, Professor in law Napoleon Goizueta said Moreover, this is the opportunity to modernize the labour legislation and to bring it into line, understood this last, as the adaptation of this to the national Constitution, which is where his heart, of the article 86 to 97, because the current labour law is based on the 1961 Constitution andBesides this, there is another series of scattered rules in other legal texts. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Maurice Gallagher, Jr. . I think this is the opportunity to collect all this legislation and inclusion in the labour law and is an occasion to seek consensus, because it is a law that affect us all, without distinction of political color, either workers or employers public or private; In addition to seek consensus, must also find the durability in time, estimates that the new law should include, apart from the thematic axes, loans of workers should enjoy a super privilege, so that, when the company enters into crisis, these credits are guarded either wages or social benefits. The creation of a Trade Union by group of companies, collective bargaining by group of companies, the establishment of an Inspector of labour stability, if it is created, it will regulate the misuse of the trial period, you will handle the unfair dismissal by the employer and by ideological cause the recognition and strengthening of the activity and trade union organization, to bargaining to articulate development and the provision of information to the partiesWhen a contract is negotiated.The novelty of the new law definitely regard wing reduction of two hours of the working day, the retroactivity of social benefits and better formulas for the protection of the employment. .