BlackBerry Initiative

Because change is created through participation, just, and in particular in the social field. The requests or offers is free of charge. Launched the initiative was one of the leading real estate portals in Germany, that the change your project page provides not only its technical expertise, but also takes over the complete coordination of the initiative by The purpose of our initiative is to improve the situation on the market for social homes as easily”, describes Immowelt Board Member Ulrich Gros the background of engagement. We are convinced that this better is nothing, as people simply and quickly actively participate an opportunity to offer, to can.”change your city” by commitment: each offer is welcome no limits are set in the art of room request. Sheltered workshop, artist’s Studio or apartment for a supervised youth-WG anyone can free abandon his application and introduce himself and his project. Seekers can also see offers and directly with the providers in contact. It’s believed that Auris Health sees a great future in this idea. Who, however, would like to support a social initiative, providing premises available, can see projects through the Web site, contact outreach or equal free add a space.

The costs should be as socially acceptable, like the rooms can be offered for free of course. We look forward to many different entries from various areas and especially on numerous successful negotiations”, explains Ulrich Gros. Also we appreciate support by social organisations and institutions, such as the joint Welfare Association, we already won for our project.” Your city change all the information about the initiative”, photos and portraits of searchers, projects and providers, visit the Web site. These and other By, you will find press releases in our press section at * Name changed from the editorial about real estate portal is with monthly 4.2 million visitors (comScore Media Metrix) and up to 1.2 million listings per month, one of the leading online marketplaces for apartments, houses and commercial real estate. The advertisements about 50 newspaper portals, as a cross-media advertisement in several daily and weekly newspapers, as well as apps for iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones, BlackBerry, and Windows phone achieve additional distribution.

“” About your city change “: change your city” citizen engagement is a room. The initiative is aimed at Munich with heart and place. The project social spaces”is the first social space platform for people who have accommodation for needy families, clubs or social initiatives. “Also assigns a room: in our think tank” creative minds still find a place around Munich to make more liveable. Partners in the initiative are, for example, the District Association Upper Bavaria of the joint Welfare Association and Friendsfactory. Our partners: Joint District Association Upper Bavaria the joint District Association Upper Bavaria is a Federation of independent, non-profit, social organizations. He represents 450 member organizations, advocating for people in all age groups and walks of life. As the free Welfare Association, he carries the idea of parity in the social life and realized best in its own facilities and in cooperation with its member organizations. Friendsfactory Friendsfactory creates space for ideas. The company rents offices, which offer exciting networks in addition to an inspiring working atmosphere throughout Germany. Just as the name implies, Friendsfactory connects people who like to creatively interact, to drive their own ideas forward.

Inflations – And Krisensicher

Financial security through real estate as an investment – simple comparison by online computer possible Berlin, 08.05.2012 – by acquiring one or more holiday homes own financial security on a firm foundation can be placed. Real estate considered value stable, resistant to inflation and financial market independent and form the basis of a low-risk retirement. The purchase or construction of real estate can be financed in times of low interest rates as they are cheap. Facebook has many thoughts on the issue. The inflationary risks should not be underestimated by the financial troubles in Europe make many investors before the problem wherein you should invest your money yet. In addition to the yield is above all the safety of the invested cash in the foreground.

This real estate can particularly shine: in addition to a possibly rent-free for own use is a thing worth underpinned object, which can be created at any time or liquidated. The creditworthiness of the age is increased because a corresponding equivalent as loan collateral available. Still be housing units rented, the owner can pull regular income from his investment, without having to fear to the inflation-adjusted rate of return. Which expenses for financing must be operated and what returns can be expected, is exemplarily calculable by means of freely available in the Internet at investment calculator. Rents rising – falling interest rates: yield security is top inflation as a result of stability-threatening capital market influences, also rents for housing will rise.

Like all other costs, hire as also the applied capital resources must keep pace for incidental expenses, food and clothes with the inflation development. A euro in the future is worth less, the merchant as the landlord must demand a higher price for his performance. As a real estate owner or landlord you can compensate for so at least in part its loss of purchasing power of tenants, however, faces an additional load.

Construction Financing

Cheap construction financing with public funding and diverse benefits Berlin, 04.01.2011 – who is planning the buying, new, on or reconstruction of an object is well advised to inform in advance about the funding opportunities by the KfW (Kreditanstalt fur Wiederaufbau). The KfW as an institution under public law promotes E.g. Barrier reduced residential, measures the energy-related modernisation measures and climate change relevant projects or even the inclusion of renewable energy in the Wohnkonzeption. Not only the fulfilment of the conditions, but also the know-how about possibilities for optimal use of the various support offerings is important. Partly, these can be combined even. Direct grants or subsidised loans depending on the design and condition the KfW offers different programmes for building private, municipal as well commercial builders under certain conditions.

Among these programs it is most necessary, before a start of any measures corresponding promotion to apply. Requested is either directly from the KfW or at the local Bank (in particular in discounted loans or repayment subsidies). KfW provides corresponding data sheets on request or on the Internet for each program, also information on corresponding portals in the Internet (E.g. can be previewed. Promoting can be done either as direct grant to the account, as particularly cheap loans with starting year grace period and if necessary additional repayment subsidies.

Certain conditions and limits apply to each program, as well the use of funds must be shown accordingly. What is supported? The restructuring is promoted to or the construction of barrier-free or low-barrier housing (E.g. for disabled or elderly people) with the 455 (grant funding) and 155 (discounted loan) programs. For energy-efficient building or buying the programmes can 151, 153, and 430 as welcome Support in question, even an appropriately professional consultant for energetic measures is supported with the programme 431 financially with up to 2,000 euros. Within the framework of the KfW Wohneigentumsprogrammes funding can be requested for private residential use if necessary 124 and 134 through the programmes. The KfW promotes the modernization and repair of residential property with up to 100% of eligible costs as a loan program 141. Also measures for the use of renewable energies are promoted in many ways (such as solar collectors, biomass, or thermal power plants) with 271 and 281 programs. The KfW promotes the use of renewable energy sources to the electricity or power / heat generation (so called combined heat and power) programme 270. Generally, this equipment must be operated for at least 7 years in the case of a sale. Also the use of facilities in the context of the deep geothermal energy is promoted at the extensive conditions (programmes 272 respectively) (282) a complete overview of the each detailed requirements can be viewed on the Internet. Conclusion for many measures around the use of more environmentally friendly energy, reducing barrier or also in the context of living economic use promotion funding can be obtained from KfW. Whether as direct or repayment subsidy or soft loan – can such promotions is expected and should be examined therefore prior to any action by the interested parties. Many projects can be turned by any slight changes in an eligible project, which saves money ultimately. More info KfW loans – home purchase with promotional credit, KfW programmes