The Carrie Diaries

And other books saga Twilight. Harlan Coben Play Dead – a new novel from the author of "Do not tell anyone." The ideal world of ex-model and lucky business vumen Laura falls in the very moment that was to be the happiest in her life. In their honeymoon by her husband – Sports Star – goes to swim and not returned. But what really happened with David? Trying to cope with their grief, Laura asked many questions. Was it an accident? Suicide? Or someone's cruel joke? As the events of Laura opens many secrets of the past. Someone will do anything to Laura never learned the terrible truth, but she does not know who she can trust … Charlene Harris' dead in the family (Dead in the Family: A True Blood Novel) – A new book series "True Blood," Sookie Stackhouse on other books of the series "True Blood." Justin Cronin "Transition (The Passage) – Amy Harper Belafonte six years and her mother believes her most important person on earth. This is true.

Anthony Carter believes that He is in a worse place – on death row. He is wrong. FBI Agent Brad Volgast think that approaching something unimaginable. It is. In the jungle, Professor Jonas Lear finally found what I was looking for so long, and now dreams that never happened.

In Memphis, a little Amy tries to understand why my mother left her at the shelter nurses. In a closely guarded prison, Nevada sentenced to death the murderer Giles Babcock and a dream the same nightmare over and over again. In a remote mountain community in California, a young man, Peter is waiting for the return of his brother's house to kill him. Bound together by ties of incomprehensible, before each of them is about to open the door to future that they could not even imagine. And to begin the adventure. A grand adventure that will show them a world changed by the darkest dreams of man, tell them that actually means to be human. And even more. PEREHOD.Terri Pratchett Unseen Academicals cycle of satirical fantasy "Discworld" – this time the object of satire became futbol.Kendes Bushnell 'Carrie Diaries (The Carrie Diaries) – the first of two books about his youth Bredshou.Liza Carrie Jane Smith "The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening. Hunger (The Awakening: AND The Struggle) – science fiction series that tells of the struggle of two brothers for the love of vampires normal devushki.Den Brown" Lost character (The Lost Symbol) – The action takes place in Washington, DC after the events described in his novel "The Da Vinci Code." This is the third product of Dan Brown, where the main character is Professor Robert Langdon. This time he has to solve the greatest mystery of the Masons, which might change world. For centuries, the secrets are stored, the mysterious signs and symbols – and deadly journey through the labyrinths of the past. Among the many books available in Russian language, while others are only available in English and other foreign. However, it can be argued that no translation can not pass up all the author's ideas, so reading the original books allows the reader to immerse themselves in a world created by the author. Shop Foreign book gives you the opportunity to touch the mysterious, sometimes frightening, exciting and attractive so the worlds of books, created the most popular authors of our time.