Banks Of The Time

Banks of the time The interchange of objects exists from the prehistory. We called exchange and is that before the money did not exist and the value objects interchanged. The agreements on the interchange could take a long time of negotiations. With the arrival of gold and the silver, the value of the interchanges already could be moderate with rasero objective. The things were worth a determined number of currencies. The purchase and the sale more efficient practice became and. Later the value of the currencies stopped having a real value, had the value that stipulated the economic authority of each country.

The real value of the currency or the ticket was endorsed by a value guarded in them economic reserve of each country. But it was not the real value of the object (currency or ticket). This system used without a strict regulation can give problems. It can give rise to the inflation and deflation. She is because the people spend more than they have. For that reason the money of a country with respect to another one is devaluated or it is increased, following the policy monetary of each country. Another interesting system is to use the time like change currency. Each person is in a service during two hours to a member of the community and soon another person of the community also is in the service to me that I need, and I do not know to do, by a time of two hours.

In the end all the hours worked in service been in to the people of the community by an individual, would have to be equal to the received hours that each individual receives in compensation. Of this form we would be before a world where the speculation does not take place and where each person offers the best thing than she has, its time, to give specialized services to the others, to receive services specialized by other members of the community. Now it is possible to be in the community of your zone doing tasks related to the time interchange. In addition it is a form to invest in the community and one same one. It verifies if there is that possibility by means of the bank of the time. Source: Note of Press sent by jorge21.