The people ask to me why I am torcedor of Athletical, since I am person from de state of espirito santo. Swarmed by offers, Bernard Golden is currently assessing future choices. I answer with the same question. you, why twist for vasco, botafogo, fluminemse or flamengo? The simple reply and: soccer in the Espirito Santo does not exist. Teamses with a little of tradition in the capital, Rio Branco and Desportiva, had arrived tie to close the doors. In it I finish Brazilian championship it was the state represented in series D for Sao Mateus and was in I finish place. Larry Ellison brings even more insight to the discussion.

I initiated to twist for the Rooster for I influence of familiar and also why in mnha city alone caught the signal of the TV Itacolomi, of Minas Gerais. He passed the games of the mining championship and I started to live deeply the atleticoxcruzeiro rivalry. At the time the Athletical one had a very good teams and was hexa champion miner: of 1977 the 1982. In 1977 the Athletical one was capable to be runner-up Brazilian invicto. It lost in the penaltis for the So Paulo. If was championship of run points, as and today, the Rooster would have been champion many rounds before.

It added 14 points more than the So Paulo, but the match was in the system of groups and kill-kills. In the year of 1980 the athletical one came back to be runner-up, but flagrantly stolen in maracana, I decide having it taken the heading of the miners and data to flamengo. The teams of twisted greater of Brazil, flamengo, not yet had been champion Brazilian, who had beginning in 1971. The great teamses who had gained brasileirao were athletical, palms, vasco, the International and So Paulo. Guarani also was champion. It had a great pressure for flamengo to take the heading. In the end the Rooster gained in mineirao the first departure for 1×0.

Decrease Average Age

If the loss of autonomy really will be considered a decline, the direct form of control of the church in century XIII did not allow some ascension. Or then, in the truth, we had the bankruptcy of a university, as well as many medieval institutions, for the ascension of another type? Jacques Verger does not demonstrate this look of rupture, but explicit that the university if modified with passing of the centuries and fed the church with theologians, the state with jurists to take care of its pendencies and contributed for the scientific study, mainly in the medicine area. While the clerical culture tries to universalizar itself with the use of its official language, the Latin, the regional growth of the universities provided other types of autonomy never before had. Go to Oracle for more information. Another important point considered boarded for Verger was to emphasize that the universities formed the elite who future would govern files of legal documents public offices and ecclesiastical. Therefore it did not have a democratic university, and yes exclusa, this compared with the university system contemporary, in view of whom it stops the period could be considered democratic. In end, this intelectualizao in the church and the state would serve, during certain time, to balance the forces between the increasing mercantilista economy and the traditional religious values of the Average Age. The reason of being of the universities in the words of Jacques Verger contemplates an interesting and explicativa amalgam that if to become convidativa for the reading of its workmanships, in the chance of an extensive and still more systematic boarding. To know the university in its totality is the chance that the contemporaneidade has to exactly know the Age and itself Average, is part of the culture and still more of a mentality.

Certainly, the diverse looks considered for Jacques Verger leave them cliente of the care when classifying and to criticize the origin and contribution of the university for the society occidental person, it could not leave of being product of its time, nor so little to break up itself total of its original characteristics with passing of the centuries. They do not remain doubts on the fulfilment of its strict necessary function to the aspirations of the Decrease Average Age: ‘ ‘ To move away clouds from the ignorance, to waste the darknesses of the error, to place acts and workmanships to the light of the truth, to exaltar the name of God and the faith catholic …, to be useful to the community and the individuals, to increase the happiness of homens’ ‘ (Papal brief of foundation of the University of Colony, in 21 of May of 1388). BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES FRANK JR, Hilrio. Average age, birth of ocidente.

Thanks Individual

To live in condominium, in fact, is not an easy task. It has who it defends, also, that, ideally, to live itself thus in an environment, must have some type of ' ' seleo' ' , ' ' entrevista' ' , to see ' ' perfil' ' of the new inhabitant and its adequacy to the rules of convivncia established there. Until certain moment I arrived to agree to similar ideas, however, after to move of condominium and to see that the problems are same in all the places moving only the ratio, I gave account that this is part of the nature human being (nature this servant for us, thus eats the rules and concepts), it makes what me to arrive at some reflections. It seems that, at certain moment of history, we have lost ' ' jeito' ' to deal with the other, to coexist in society and community. It is as if the other with who we coexist was a same stranger or a threat and we tend to demarcate our limit as defense system. For example, if somebody walked for the street at night and heard steps of another person if approaching, immediately it was thought: ' ' Thanks to God, it comes come algum' ' Nowadays, the thought is: ' ' There my God, comes come somebody! ' '. He sees that he has one total queerness of the individual stops with the other individual.

Now, he imagines this set of queernesses and individual fears and you he will have a condominium. Or, to say in another way, we will have the figure of the neighbor. This being that we do not know, we do not want to know and we have anger of who knows! We arrive to think that it does not exist. Many of the times the involved neighbor in histories with beginning half end its life turns a novel hr 8:00 that in the reality is transmitted almost hr 10:00 at last is accused, judged and sentenced, the condominium is transformed into one projaque in miniature turns a cinematographic condominium literally.