State Capital

Many Mexican surgeons trained in EE.UU the medicine schools, and even those that are not able to provide a high level of atenci? n in a hospital or equipped or CL? nica. Adem? s, you podr? to choose (and to pay) excellent atenci? later n. If you prefer to remain in center or in a hotel, you can have a nurse of guard by a price much m? accessible s than to pay? to in the EE.UU. Piense about it? cu? l to prefer? ace: to be taken care of of feet and hands in its hotel in M? xico, or seated in its house in sof? again in the EE.UU only? Anyway, recuperaci? n can be dif? cil, but you can choose so that it is m? pleasant s. 3. Ex- place? tico. To many people they like to go at the same time of vacations, since they have his treatment.

Following its procedure and its time of recuperaci? n, can choose to spend one week to recuper? ndose despu? s of cirug? to and despu? s of one week taking the sun in one estaci? local n. That is one raz? n by cirug? to pl? stica in Guadalajara, the State Capital of Jalisco, is so popular: he is fant? stico destiny tur? stico with many museums, to galer? cultural ace and events, ace? because one is near a series of other places of Inter? s hist? rich. By all means, thing m? s important to consider when taking decisions on cirug? to pl? stica is its health. Said this, there is no raz? n to think that you cannot find the m? s high quality of atenci? n of health in M? xico, and adem? s to be due? to consider the possibility of cirug? to pl? stica. And perhaps to even take vacations at the same time! Cirug? to Est? tica in Guadalajara