The Ability

If we want to create a management system that would maximize the potential of open and increase business value, it should focus on three basic human talents: Talents to achieve – a person's ability to find and use internal motivation to aggressively move to achieve this goal, overcoming the resistance of various talents of thinking – a person's ability to use logical thinking, existing knowledge and intuition in the process of collecting and processing information in identifying and evaluating alternatives in decision-making talents of interaction – a person's ability to perceive emotions, motives, preferences and personal goals of others, to empathize with them and demonstrate an understanding of them, use is the perception and understanding to ensure effective coordination. How to formulate the objectives of the focus on achieving the stated goal – this one, and properly formulate it – it is quite another. Crucial to achieve high efficiency power management leader should be recognized as the ability to clearly specify the clear goal of the artist. In general terms the most simple algorithm and correct determination of the correct target – is to answer the following questions: l What's good for your customers (internal or external)? What are the most important aspects of consumer choice? If the consumer does not consider the goals correct (or you think you have not consider if he could find them), then you must doubt the correctness of their review and l What's good for your company? As the results of your employees (your department) are consistent with the current strategy of your company? If the Contractor purpose contrary to the objectives of the company, you should doubt the correctness of their formulation and l review What's good for the artist? As the artist explained the purpose and to organize the process of its achievement to get the desired result and meet the artist from work? If the stated objectives not correspond to the major talents of the performer, they should review the How to motivate performers in the performance of the totality of the inherent talents of the employee is manifested in those cases where it performs their work, whether individually or in teams (team).