The Reality Of Personal Finance

About a year ago, when I was shortly out of college and started to take my first business, I remember one time my mom told an aunt, which was very bad financially, that I was already a businessman, told him about what he was undertaking, saying that in a few years and would be okay Ricote (you know how some mothers are haha), and then my aunt turned around toward me and said, "Why do you want to have so much money? Do not you think it is better to be happy? ", And well, I stayed a bit surprised by your comment and only said that two things could be, but then immediately changed the subject and you did not follow the conversation. I did not want to touch the subject but I was thinking about her comment and then understood why their economic situation, and that as my aunt, there are many people who think money is bad, and everything wrong with the world is associated with money, but this is not at all true. Money is neither good nor bad, bad thing is what people do with money, or what they do to get the money, but that depends on the moral education of each person, and can do things bad with money, you can also do good things. This negative mentality towards money most often takes root in our childhood. As children, our parents, religion, school, television, or other means, we put these ideas to the head, are recorded in our unconscious, and if we do nothing to change this way of thinking, surely affect our economic situation in the future. .