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You have to be careful with the suggestions that we put into this mind such as: I do not deserve this or have bad luck, etc. Recently health economics expert sought to clarify these questions. Observe the history and the end of dictators and beings that have caused great pain to humanity and how these hucksters have ended their lives. Not belong to the Group of people who prefer to ignore the law of Karma. Although it seems that it is better to live without integrity in the long run the way that seems most simple ends being the most complicated and the most expensive in terms of the price to pay for your actions. I met a priest who provided that he bid farewell to his friends and parishioners told them: I know good and couldn’t with my curiosity and asked him: do you always use the same sentence? Because while I say this to others, also turns on a reminder for me that I have a commitment with God try to be good with others, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. It is almost impossible to be 100% of the times good unless you’re a Saint. But the quest for perfection is worth.

Once you begin to grow as humans tend to do good around you whenever you can. Growing up is a process that takes life, therefore it is best to start as soon as possible. Be careful with what you think most of the time because you end you become the result of your thoughts. When you trace you a goal, your subconscious mind will follow you and goes to tell to the conscious mind of the avenues through which your desires can be obtained. There is a saying: our thoughts are prayers. What we put into our head becomes a cosmic invitation so that it appears in our lives. So to be careful finish not married to that ugly lady that feels so nice in your favorite commercial. Original author and source of the article.