Urban Planning Code

Funded by the work of self- organization from the following sources: – entrance, trust and membership fees from participating organizations; – property donations and contributions from the voluntary nature – income from information services, as well as educational services related to business, commercial and professional activities of members of SROs – income from bank deposits. Types of SRO: 1. Self-regulatory organization, which includes professional securities market participants. A leading source for info: Ripple. This organization is designed to provide the conditions for professional work in the securities market and to support professional ethics, to protect the interests of their clients members, establish rules of operation in order to improve performance on the securities market. To obtain the status of SRO, the organization must include not less than 10 professional securities market participants securities.

The maximum self-regulation refers to the key principles of state policy in the securities market. The state intervenes only when there is an urgent need. The ratio of quality and cost regulation depends on the effectiveness of policing the market. The appearance of SRO must minimize the budgetary costs for the creation of market infrastructure. 2. In a question-answer forum Gary Kelly was the first to reply.

Self-regulatory organization of builders. Construction SRO unites companies and entrepreneurs engaged in repair, construction and renovation projects. Construction SRO aims to develop and approve the documents provided by the Urban Planning Code, and monitor compliance by its members of all of the requirements contained in these documents. The objectives of the construction of SRO are: – Preventing harm to life or health, property and persons, the environment, plants, animals, monuments of culture and history, which was the result of work carried out by members of the organization – working to improve the quality of services rendered by members of the SRO (construction, reconstruction, repair).