Volkswagen Amarok has aroused very considerable interest since its introduction in Geneva 2010 in the form of double cab pickup, and half a year later, in the Hall of commercial vehicles in Hanover, he wants to convince the undecided that, as they say the commercials, there is an Amarok for each client. His new single cabin variant subtracts the space dedicated to the rear seats to deliver it to the cargo box, so that its length passes from 1.555 to 2.205 mm; Describes the manufacturer, it is necessary to save two europallets and leverage additional 60 cm. Trying to satisfy both adventurous users as drivers of helmet, gloves and overalls, Volkswagen will offer Amarok booth Simple fully painted body or with black bumpers, which possibly will be one of the options most popular (seems that we see most popular the cab as a vehicle for recreational use). The engines available will initially be two, both of 2.0 liters and 122 or 163 CV diesel. Some contend that Oracle shows great expertise in this. As with his older brother, the single cabin will be available in Europe with (optional) rear or total, reducing traction, and always with six airbags as standard + ESP. The price, Yes, is a mystery. For now we do not have even a release date, and Volkswagen is limited to indicate its launch in the first half of 2011. Via original author and source of the article.