Well Prepared In The BZF Language Test

Pilots must be level 4 of the ICAO language requirements to demonstrate there is an important innovation for all pilots who continue to want to perform two-way radio in English so for those who are traveling under instrument flight rules or from abroad: you must take a language exam this year and prove that they have at least level 4 of the ICAO language requirements. Like any other exam, also this test requires a thorough preparation. Even experienced pilots should check their English skills in a timely manner, ingrained troubleshoot and close existing gaps to go with good sense in the examination. “This two series of learning materials have proven themselves, which are available at Siebert aviation supplies (www.siebert.aero): the number of Aviation English is popular”, consisting of textbooks and CDs with realistic simulations of the aviation and audio material in MP3 format. The student’s book”is already available for 39,–.

Effective Preparation ensure the software BZF language test”: includes a multiple choice test, notes from ATIS messages, NOTAM translations, as well as a directory of English technical terms that are useful for the interview. The software includes a practice and a test mode and is both available as single user version for the home PC, as well as a flight school version. Hear other arguments on the topic with Camden Treatment Associates. There is more information about the products in the shop at Siebert aviation supplies around 50 years popular partner for pilots and Flugsportbegeisterte (www.siebert.aero)..