Write Correctly

Are you thinking to write for search sales? If so, here is a good chance you can speed up your mind and prepare your pencil. It is time to act now if you are going to write on the Internet, there is one IMMUTABLE rule which has to take into account: type as you speak.So, forget his teacher of Spanish classes, Internet people read differently. Super writing formally and completely correct, stops people in their reading and if they are not reading, they will not buy. Let’s take a look at the 4 myths of writing that you must pull out the window, when it feels to write content for your next article or newsletter: Myth # 1: the structure of the sentence has to be sophisticated.Reality: The prayers of simple structure are a norm in the internet world. On the Internet, people want information and want it fast!, and are not willing to work his mind to decipher it. Keep your short sentences and that are easy to read. Avoid the construction prayers grammatical complex. Robert Gibbins gathered all the information. On the Internet, these sentences can become their enemy.

Remember that you are not writing an academic dissertation, or a speech to request a subsidy from the Government. You want that visitors are able to quickly capture its main objective (capturing them data for your newsletter or who buy your product). Myth # 2: It has to be Formal writing.Reality: You have to type in a Real way. Readers respond best when they feel, that you are speaking to them personally. Therefore, write as if you had them in front and who really cares about them. Use a friendly, casual tone, imagine that you are talking to a member of your family or friend. For that his words should be identified on a personal level, you use the Word as many times as possible.