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Project presentation day women entrepreneurs and micro-businesses in the school official’s engineers industrial de Madrid COIIM – past 09,15 to 14.30, on May 25 was held the day of presentation of the project women entrepreneurs and micro-businesses, organized by the multisectoral Spanish Association of micro – AEMME – facilities ceded by the College official of engineers industrial de Madrid COIIM situated in the calle Hernan Cortes, 13. They gave welcome to the day, the Dean of the school official’s engineers industrial de Madrid COIIM, Don Jesus Rodriguez Cortezo, as well as the President of the multisectoral Spanish Association of microenterprise AEMME-, Victor Delgado, who addressed the audience with the following words: AEMME presents on this day, the best levels of information for different areas: training, support, monitoring and experiencesMicro, in order to enable the creation of economic activity, and the entrepreneuring wealth and employment (self-employment), as well as provide solutions to micro-enterprises already established, in all the needs that are generated in its development. With an attendance of more than one hundred entrepreneuring and micro-enterprises, the shares of companies that bring added value to the business undertaken by women in Spain were happening. Among them were,

Sage, E-conta, Pellegrina Villar, S.L., Mundofranquicia, Barbadillo partners and Tormo & Asociados, COIIM, ANEI AEMME international with its IBEROLAB project in the area of internationalization. Participation more active, dynamic and hopeful was conducted by a group of women entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs that provided solutions, experiences and vision and mood the rest of women present that they led to this professional challenge. This lively group of women are still supporting and collaborating in numerous actions as a principle of a fruitful working relationship and future contact. Mercedes Wullich (women & Cia) Alejandra Gonzalez (Humanvision) pillar Valladolid (human development) Pilar Esteban (Markarte) Helena Olcina (new website) Rocio Pita (Duata Consulting) Maria Soledad Gutierrez (AIF) Araceli Navas (ControlTec engineering) all these successful entrepreneurs who, with his encouragement, effort and commitment, take your company forward every day, are a clear example to take into account in the working world, and even more so in the tough times of current employment crisis.

Sound approach in the choice of whitening and Outreach attract into your clinic has many patients. The presence of bleaching services – a card of the modern dental clinic. Method 5. Dental treatment under general anesthesia in dental fear has led to a more One popular service – dental treatment under general anesthesia. Such treatment is absolutely painless for the patient and allow to cure all the teeth in one visit.

This is an ideal solution for people with neglected teeth, which panic fear the dentist. Come into the office, go to sleep and wake up with healthy teeth – a dream for these people. The cost of this service organization are high, as they require purchasing expensive equipment to monitor the patient: Monitors, Anesthesia breathing apparatus, pulse oximeter, automatic device for measuring pressure, etc. But in this case, the high price of the service does not stop the patient, so the demand for this service is traditionally high. Method 6. Tooth jewelry another modern dental service is to set rhinestones. Installation is usually offered rhinestones on gold, but may be set with diamonds. Installation Procedure jewelry is completely safe and takes less than 10 minutes.

This type of service is highly profitable, but highly dependent on fashion or another decoration. Method 7. Art restoration of teeth One of the most expensive Service is service, "art restoration" of the teeth. In this case, the physician must possess artistic abilities. Since there is need not only to give the tooth a perfect form, but also to achieve harmony dental some of the smile line.

Some reflections concerning the ways of our transformation: Of the idealizao to the accomplishment of personal and intransfervel an only day. ' ' Let us win us, donating of us everything what let us be in good will and self-denial, assisting us ones to the others and will have with us the action formula for which we will reach the accomplishments of that we lack for we ourselves. ' ' Heifer of Menezes – Psicografia Chico Xavier – Book ' ' Heifer, Chico and Voc' ' Amongst all the searches that we undertake when in them we assume as postulating the condition of Christian espritas, we can affirm truily that the greater of them is of the retaken one of the way of our improvement and our transformation while operating citizens in the process of our growth spiritual. It is very common to speak of this condition as if it had day and hour to start and from this occasion everything could be decided. In our way this is one of the cited situations more, in the most varied occasions and with most different expressions. The most significant of all guard one weight that in many times surpasses our bigger effort in reaching it.

We use it to all we do not stop detaching and giving a very solemn aspect to a process that already? without perceiving, we live has thousand of incarnations and in the greater of the chances still nor in the demons he counts. We are speaking of the Moral Reformation. It is truth. All we already are living deeply we have thousand of chances, for the Divine Mercy, walked ours in search of our redemption. If thus he was not, let us think on our situation and let us make some balances jointly. The first one of them is of that if we want assuming in them truily as espritas Christians, then needs to incorporate some inherent truths to this condition to our daily life, as for example, of that we are millenarian espritos in plus one of the many encarnatrias chances.

Automotive news – it's always something interesting and always new. At the moment we are aware of this wonderful event: the company "Toyota Motor" has officially declared about the appearance of the day in Russia new hatchback Auris. The company notes that the car is made in England. Suggested retail price starts from 659 rubles. It depends on the configuration. Buyer offers 4 types of this set – "Comfort Plus" "Comfort", "Elegant" and "Prestige". The car body has nine flowers, four of them are offered for the first time – red, silver, blue and purple metallic. As reported by many of the world HGV, car width – 1760 mm, its length is 4245 mm, Height – 1515 mm.

In the new appeared excellent petrol units Dual VVT-i c a good quality volume 1.34 liters. and 1.5 if, developing neither more nor less – 102 and 125 horsepower, and, of course, the engine with a capacity of 133 horsepower. On choice of the buyer is given two transmissions: a 6-speed, manual gearbox, and a 4-speed automatic transmission, which is sold with a complete set of "Comfort Plus". And changed the look of the car – front and rear part of it. Auris has a brand new design rear and front bumper, hood, mirrors, grille.

Just updated the car's interior – has changed the configuration of the center console. The same car got steering wheel with a sporty design, lighting and speedometer tachometer scale is changed to white for a place in Orange. Many of the world automotive news claim that will give customers an exciting Auris driving experience. For Auris created a new platform to ensure drivability and very low noise. In this machine insulation upgraded to peak capacity. Thanks to such great features to the owner is always nice get into the car and do not listen to the sounds of rock jungle, and enjoy selected music itself. Finally, because the time to disclose the information agencies and HGV world, it is possible provide you with the most important feature of the machine, very important for Russia. This is its unique properties: very low noise level, the lowest in its class, it is quite acceptable for people of average cost of security, durability and good reliability, seven airbags, a stylish and durable design.

Indeed, the usurpations of domain names through which a third party intended to take advantage of the fame of a Web site, using your domain name, for example, forwarded to those who come into the same towards another site that has nothing to do with the first are frequent. Brands are the first victims of their Web Marketing Communications; the more familiar they are and better referenced in internet search engines, they will be more pirated. For example, the famous Coca-Cola trademark could be verified as a consumer consecrated you a Facebook page where until then had never been officially present in that social network. Page, to quickly obtain millions of fans, meant that a significant part of the business relationship of the brand image and consumer were under the control of a third party. In this case said third he reported only a good image of Coca-Cola and at the end he was hired by the company to continue with the administration of the page.

Another big problem that we encounter is the patent disclosure, posed with relative frequency. Where there is wrongdoing by third parties, the Internet can be the worst enemy of trade secrets, being a clear example what happened with the Apple company. It is common to find online various information related to inventions of that undertaking, thus disclosing the characteristics of the future products of the firm. In this regard it should be recalled the case of iPhone 4? found in a bar in the United States, several months before its commercialization, by a person who sold the device to a famous Internet newspaper. The disclosure of the features was very quick and, given the global nature of the network, the whole world could be taken knowledge of them. No Laws Land is an expression that designates the network as a country without laws, and means that the network encompasses the entire world overcoming any border.

In this hour is rarely earn more than 50 points, ie spending 20 hours access to a network, you can earn a maximum of $ 2. It is absurd, is not it? But this is not the worst thing that could come up with the system. Each ATS must have their referral system, ie, you get a certain percentage of income given by you people. All systems claim that they are taken to earn points for your referrals, and the interest paid from their own inner resources, but in fact this assertion is questionable. The worst thing is that points that you have been assessed for referrals often can not be sold, they can only spend on the promotion of the site.

After a while, a new opportunity. User given a choice: either attend the most strange sites, and for each visit get to score, or use a special program that will visit sites "for you" (traffic, it still eats), but for each such "false" Seen you only get 0.3 points. The first type is called manual surfing, and the second, automatic surfing. Of course, the CAP has been an advantage and it is called referral system. It is due to the presence of such a principle in runet have a whole class of sites, "How make money online ", which provides an overview of such systems and the ref-links to each of them.

But personally I do not know of any person who on referrals could not just get rich, but even feed himself. Deficiencies in CAP is much more than merit. The main disadvantage is that your site will come completely untargeted visitors who do not care what's on the site, they would only bigger and faster score points. Thus attendance at the site will be, but visitors as none will be. Auto surfing – even worse, in this case, you will not even have visitors, the main purpose of autosurf – cheat Counter visits. With the arrival in runet advertising brokers and the growth of banner networks the situation has changed dramatically. Popularity CAP began to fall sharply and today the vast majority of experienced web developers agree that system of automatic promotion are outdated and extremely inefficient. Large role in the decline in the popularity of ATS have made the above brokers. They are banned from participating in the system all the sites that are both CAP participants, it is natural that in this situation, each site owner chose to work with a broker. As for me, I do not hide their negative attitude to these systems. On top of all of the above weaknesses, work on them is too time consuming and requires considerable financial investment, you can find a more reasonable application. In the next article to your attention will provide an overview of some, the most Popular in runet CAP, but again, without any campaigning to become their party, for information only.

How do deal with it? Released two. Or rely on their intuition and experience or trust only proven sellers. In the first case, as I already said, you must be a visionary. Clairvoyants and the like. And anyway, as they say, and the old woman is proruha.

But in the second paragraph shall detail. In the big cities have long been a specialty stores, which sell seeds of flowers and vegetables. Many of them came from those same merchants of 90th in the market, but has long been doing business civilized and respectable. They certainly be trusted. You can always find someone to finally ask. And if this is just a small town or village? And now here is a way out.

This order seeds over the Internet. In Soviet times, was the expulsion of service by mail cash payment. Since much time has passed. Everyone around has changed, and came online. I'm on this specially bring a focus, because growers are mostly young people and for many Internet unusual. But if yesterday in small settlements Internet was a rarity, now broadband-quality internet arrives in remote places. And the theme of order through the Internet is becoming very, very comfortable. The main thing in this case – a move beyond psychological threshold and make the first move. Buying over the Internet for Russia yet still unusual. This portion of the population in big cities. Our country is in this context has lagged behind other developed countries. But thank God, the situation seems to be changing. So, the Internet has several well-established online stores that sell seeds for spetsializiuryutsya. This is quite respectable and legitimate company with high turnover, operating on the market one year. I will not give their names. Just type in the same Yandex search for "seeds" in the top five list, which will give you a search engine, will these sellers. Rather links to vendors. Where You can actually place an order. Seeds will be sent to you by mail COD. Or maybe you never know, and send by courier? In big cities, it's real. Imagine how convenient this is? No need to go anywhere. Custom-made from home. Home and brought it all! I can only wish them success in the difficult, but the creative work of gardening for those who keen on it. As well as a good harvest.