Accordingly Smooth

First of all, decide, what kind of fishing and what fish you will continue to give preference. The second thing worth attention is on the course of the coil. It should be smooth and easy – the higher the sensitivity, the more comfortable fishing. On the ride depends on many factors – it is filling, the quality of assembly materials. When buying make sure that the coil gap was not strong, but did not interfere with the free run.

Finally, we are interested in a number of balls and rollers. Based on my experience, I would advise you to take coil, in which their number shall not exceed four. Anything more – it's just extra weight to the coil, and no they are not brought to a smooth (this is just my personal opinion). The next point of our study is the shackle leskoukladyvatelya. First, the ear must be clearly recorded dead in the open position. If not, then you threaten to frequent breakages baits.

You do not want to lose your favorite lure that you bought for 20 dollars? Is not it? So check this point with a purchase – you can just shake the coil dramatically, if closed shackle, the waving of the coil can hand ..:-) Also note that at the close of the bow, the line fell clearly on the video. If not, then later you can have a little trouble …. Let us turn to the size of the spool. The bigger the spool, the more you wind the fishing line – this is obvious-) Accordingly than more cops, the more possibilities – you can use as a thin and thick line, throwing deep into the reservoir, but also to catch the right under the bank. Usually written on the spool as fishing line, and what diameter it is able to accommodate. Warning – This is not the braids! Also pay attention to the material of construction of the reel – made of metal or made of light plastic. In the first version of an advantage in casting distance, while second, respectively, in weight. In short, choose a suitable and affordable option-) As for the video – all videos twist line. And do not believe those who say that they do not roll twist. This is nonsense!. Another thing – this is smooth transition from the bow leskoukladyvatelya to the roller. It should be flat, smooth, without serifs. Otherwise it may just happen the following situation – just a trivial braid will rub a small depression, which naturally is not well. … Sometimes it is that the cord gets in and starts to arch her grind. If you found this defect – to immediately carry back to the store and ask for replacement! But the last nail today's program is a pen. Pen – this is your control mechanism, your link that connects your fingers and the coil (oh, that I turned down-)) Well, basically on what to see is a system of folding handles. In my opinion, the most uncomfortable and unreliable – this is handle with mounting screw. If a thin thread, the handle does not promise to live a long time) For me, the most convenient – it's button. Although each his own, pick-) The most reliable system is the same screw handle. This will serve as a handle You faithfully-) Well, the choice of the coil depends mainly on the methods of catching fish, the preferences of the fisherman. Do not be lazy to check the coils in the store. A defects that require the exchange to another.