Output Power At Two

In this topic, I want to describe how you can learn to do the power outputs on two hands. And so we need to catch up with it at least 10 times better than 15 well, although there are some people who can pull himself up to 10 times and do 10 outputs power, and there such who pulled 50 times and never could do. We need to learn to make sure outputs on one hand and the second (I think it's not easily be tightened if 15raz). And now the most important thing you need to be tightened as possible (up to chest and above) and faster on the maximum amount of time, of course at once so do not get to train constantly. You can also do push-ups on the bar-ups, well, if you are doing on the bars, it is not necessary. Once we learn to catch up to his chest at least a couple of times to the very last moment throw both hands into the boxes at the very beginning you can help yourself to jerk his feet, etc. In the middle of basic training and you have to leave it up to months, but remember to clean out a month to learn the two are not really (IMHO) it will yield but clumsy.

And so when we learned to make at least 2.3 out of force necessary to switch to clean, that is not twitch do not help themselves down, and as yet to carry it to perfection and at the same time the number can be trained. On it you will go up 2 to 3 months. Now you are ready to work with weights, I used to do this special weighting to the legs with Velcro to 4kg. After such training, you will not yield to two a 'boom'. You can also try to exit from the corner, etc. And so the slow output power (one of the most complex power components on the horizontal bar), if the previous output from the greater part are made at the expense of speed (dynamic strength), then here's a little wrong. The only way you can learn this way is a slow descent down all the way from pressing the breast to the neck, and of course to try, also available at Dips slow to do so much easier because Brushes are in the same situation and even the bar can not prevent bulge forward. It seems everything that I wanted to write, I want to add in an ideal way for two must be done quickly and without jerking beautiful, must not be touched and filled up on the fingerboard.